Teletubbies was known as a harmless kids’ show. It was also widely popular as it served as great entertainment and occasionally an educational tool for toddlers.

The show, however, did get into trouble once for creating a sketch that was deemed ‘too scary’ for the young ones.

About Teletubbies and The Sketch

Teletubbies was a harmless kids’ show that originally ran from 1997 to 2001. It had four characters – Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and Po — who roamed around a grassy floral landscape.

The Teletubbies

It was a great source of entertainment and indulgence for the kids. They stayed entertained and busy while the parents could relax for a bit or probably get their work done.

However, one of the sketches created for the show was banned as several parents thought that it wasn’t appropriate for their little ones.

The show that was banned for its terrifying nature was titled, “The Lion and The Bear.” It was about two cardboard cutout characters who were, unsurprisingly, a lion and a bear.

The Bear, who was being chased by the Lion arrives first on the stage. She is followed by the Lion soon after.

But, the Teletubbies were frightened of the bear, who kept creepily repeating the same sentence again and again.

“I’m the Bear, I’m the Bear, and I’m coming,” she repeatedly told the Teletubbies.

After appearing on screen, Bear continued in a terrifying voice.

“I’m the Bear, I’m the Bear, with brown fuzzy hair. I’m hiding from the Lion but he doesn’t know where,” she said.

The Bear

The sketch gets even scarier when the “scary” Lion enters.

“I am the scary Lion, with big scary teeth. I’m scary on the top and I’m underneath,” he growled while riding a type of skateboard.

The discussion between the characters then leads to a dramatic chase across the hills while Laa-Laa tells his fellow Teletubbies to hide.

Parents’ Reaction To The Sketch

The sketch was banned in several countries as it was deemed “too traumatizing” for young viewers. The parents even called it out to be “age-inappropriate.”

One review from 1997 even dubbed the scene “the greatest horror film of all time.”

The Lion

Four years later, the BBC edited the sketch to make it less scary and more child-friendly. The censored version had several changes in elements.

This time around, the Teletubbies were shown excited at the Bear’s arrival. Even Bear’s voice was dubbed to make it less scary.

Even Teletubbies giggled at her arrival.

They kept giggling and laughing throughout the sketch as they enjoy the scene where the Lion chases the Bear far away, instead of running away themselves.


Teletubbies – the kids’ show that was a great option for toddlers – got into trouble after one of its sketches was deemed too scary. It was banned from several countries. A few years later, a much child-friendly and censored sketch was released which was a lot safer than the original one.

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