Popular Minecraft broadcaster Jack Manifold was currently embroiled in a major scandal. Discover more about him.

Jack Manifold, better known online as Thunder140802, is a British gamer and Twitch streamer who is best known for his videos of Minecraft gameplay.

Jack started playing Minecraft video games live on Twitch in the year 2019.

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Controversy: What Did Jack Manifold Do?

The incident started when Jack Manifold appeared in one of Mizkif’s streams. Mizkif was referring to the viewers of Minecraft broadcaster GeorgeNotFound on Twitch and YouTube, who were largely adolescent girls who were “obsessed” with his broadcasting.

jack manifold controversy

Jack entered the conflict when he unquestionably agreed with Mizkif that girls as young as 15 had fallen in love with George by responding “Yes.” Then Mizkif asked Jack if he knew Dream and if his prior “doxxing” encounter had indeed happened. Jack said he didn’t know, which actually gave him a very bad feeling.

Adding fuel to the fire was yet another Twitch video from Ph1LzA, a regular Minecraft YouTuber who was having fun with Wilbur Soot, another YouTuber. Wilbur expresses doubt in the video as to whether Ph1LzA could provide him with “something that young females may find interesting without being mocked.”

Numerous times on Twitch, Jack expressed regret and said that he was not being sexist and that the conversation with Mizkif was about demography.

Jack discussed his ideas on the matter. He was happy to start a group where the aforementioned women could appreciate the streamer’s work without being made fun of because of the language he used in the Ph1LzA video.

He continued by saying that his opinions on the subject have been misrepresented in order for him to be accused of being sexist.

He asserted that prior to the Dream SMP and stan tradition, the crowds on Twitch and YouTube had been entirely, completely different and that the rumors are the polar opposite of what he feels and believes.

Jack claims that the reference to “teenage girls” was made in reference to the demography of Twitch and YouTube viewers rather than as a sexist statement about women who watch streamers.

The remaining portion of the video shows Jack expressing his genuine ignorance of Dream’s “doxxing” case and how “strange” it was that people believed him to be misogynistic for saying what he said and expressing his views.

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Is Jack Manifold Dating Nihachu? Girlfriend Revealed

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Nikki “Nihachu” is dating William “Wilbur Soot” Gold of the UK.

The two famous people have kept their romantic relationships private. On the other hand, Wilbur Soot switched to the “Rajjchelors” relationship trend in February 2020, pairing up only with Nihachu.

On the other side, Wilbur Soot, who has been streaming since May 2018, has 3.7 million Twitch followers. Although both creators are most well-known for their work on Minecraft content, they have also collaborated on a number of video games, including Among Us and Valiant.

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