After leaving Girls’ Generation in 2014, Jessica recently announced the release of a novel she wrote about her time there.

The release of Jessica’s new novel, “Shine,” sparked internet rumors that she was using it to “expose” the Korean pop group Girls’ Generation.

News that the novel would be published in 11 countries, including Korea, Brazil, and Indonesia, made headlines. In addition, the novel has already been adapted into a film.

Jessica Snsd Book Controversy

Rachel Kim is the protagonist of the novel ‘Shine,’ which follows her as she pursues her dream of becoming a Kpop star. Rachel begins her career as a trainee at DB Entertainment. As the protagonist meets Jason Lee, a well-known celebrity, the story of love and conflict in this novel begins to take shape.

A review of the English version of the novel by a reader recently drew the attention of many netizens. According to the reviewer:

Jessica Snsd Book Controversy

Fans have also requested that the overseas cover image for ‘Shine,’ which featured elements related to Girls’ Generation, be changed. There was an image of Girls’ Generation’s official cheer stick in the Thai version of the novel. As a result of this, many fans expressed their displeasure “After Jessica left Girls’ Generation, wasn’t this light stick released? So it should not be connected to Jessica.”

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There were a few similarities to Girls’ Generation’s “That Summer” digital single and their second album, “Oh!,” in this version of the cover that Jessica chose herself through a fan-based contest. “I don’t understand why Jessica chose these cover images that make people remember Girls’ Generation when already there’s no choice but to make connections between the book and Girls’ Generation,” noted netizens in response.

Jessica Snsd Book Controversy

Girl’s Generation member Jessica made her debut with the group back in 2007 and left in 2014. As a singer, actress, businesswoman, and social media influencer she has continued her career since then With the release of the teen novel ‘Shine,’ she has taken a leap into becoming a writer.

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