YouTuber JelloApocalypse (born June 20, 1994) is an Irish-American YouTuber most known for his popular “Welcome to” and “So This Is Basically” series, which have gained a large following over time. VRV’s Epithet Erased is one of his other projects.


jelloapocalypse controversy

Currently, Jello lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. His YouTube channel isn’t the only outlet for his talents; he’s also a voice actor who has appeared in shows like Fire Force, Smite, Borderlands 3, Actors: Songs Connection, and most recently, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising as the Bandage Villain Mummy, Avi Kobo from No Guns Life, Faust from Dark Deity, and Jack Barter from Wild Card. Additionally, he has attended other conventions, including Youmacon 2016, where he led a panel alongside his sister, Erin Blaber, better known online as pLasterbrain, and Tom Laflin, a fellow voice actor and longtime friend of Jello. Since then, they’ve all been referred to as the Jigglerettes. The online series he produced and authored, Epithet Erased, can be found on VRV, which is owned by Crunchyroll.

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jelloapocalypse controversy

“Vote” was the headline of Jello’s November 5th, 2018 video on his YouTube account, and some viewers perceived it as an attempt to influence his followers to vote Democrat, and accused him of “subliminal messaging” to deceive them.

In order to be Partisan, some of the sentiments made in the video appeared to be more liberal. “Is it worth it to alienate my audience?” Tumblr user Jello questioned “I had 9,000 subscribers churned away. That’s the equivalent of about three dollars in sales for the business.

So, yes, it was worth it.” When he was bombarded with criticism for this reaction, he took to Twitter to explain why he posted the video and what he genuinely meant by that reply. Jello later indicated that he would not apologize for utilizing his channel to voice his views and encourage his viewers to vote.

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