It would be difficult for frequent TikTok users to have missed a video or two concerning the most recent allegations of sexual assault against Sienna Mae Gomez, a body positivity advocate.

According to recent evidence, accusations that Sienna had sexually attacked TikTok performer and potential lover Jack Wright surfaced.

Mason Rizzo, a fellow TikTok celebrity and Wright’s best friend, said in a tweet from May 2021 (through @MasonRizzo3 on Twitter) that a girl had repeatedly sexually harassed his best friend despite their relationship boundaries being in place.

The message has already been removed, but not before followers noticed that Jack Wright’s twin brother James had shared it on Twitter. This led to the first conjecture that perhaps there had been illicit activity between Wright and Gomez, who was his purported girlfriend at the time.

In a now-private YouTube video, Gomez “unequivocally refuted” the charges that she had abused Jack. Additionally, Wright (@jack.wright21 on Instagram) created a post that neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, saying that he didn’t want to “bring anyone down [while] merely wish[ing] healing to everyone involved.”

But only a few days later, a video purportedly showing Gomez groping Wright at a party while he was asleep started to circulate on social media. Gomez afterward shared a video in which she again disputed the accusations, which fans perceived to be extraordinarily sincere and aggressive. “I am a victim of ongoing attempts to cancel me and smear my name with bogus charges,” Gomez claimed (via Sienna Gomez on YouTube).

Both parties made it clear that they would be putting these issues to rest, however, Wright opened up about the charges in an emotional YouTube video titled “what Sienna Mae Did to Me” that was posted on January 20, 2022.

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He provides numerous examples of Gomez stepping over lines, supporting the information in the June video that was leaked. He also described instances in which Gomez had touched him indecently without his permission, including straddling him naked on his bed and jumping out of a moving car to rejoin Wright as others tried to keep the two apart.

Wright explained that the situation had become so bad that Gomez was breaking into his house. When I was fast sleeping, Sienna would break into my home, enter my room, and when I awoke, I would find her hand in my pants, according to Wright.

sienna mae controversy

Wright outlined other allegations from different Los Angeles males in the video, all of which proved that Gomez had acted similarly to them as well.

A few days after Wright put out his video, Gomez wrote a lengthy blog post about what was in it. Her apology was quickly disregarded on social media, prompting some users to question certain odd remarks she had made, such as “consent isn’t actually something that is explicitly taught in school… I now realize that not everyone can feel at ease around affection (via Sienna Mae Gomez on Medium).

Fans disapproved of the manner she victimized herself by twisting the circumstances. According to Gomez, “I thought turning 18 would be fantastic and so far it honestly just sucks.”

Because of the story’s extensive media coverage over the past month, it is clear that issues of assault and consent must be addressed. Given the age differences between the two parties, it is clear that sexual assault is a scary reality for people of all ages.

Sadly, there are more cases of sexual assault than ever, particularly on college campuses. College-aged students are more likely to experience sexual assault. In fact, college-aged males are 78% more likely than non-students to be the victim of rape or sexual assault (via

sienna mae controversy

Schools and student bodies must teach students how to handle these situations with tact, seriousness, and respect. It is crucial to provide students with the tools they need to educate themselves on issues related to assault and consent, whether through on-campus instructional workshops or social media channels.

The Wright and Gomez case also highlights how traditional sexual assault cases often involve men instead not women. As of 1998, 2.78 million men in the country had experienced a completed or attempted rape (via

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In fact, 1 in 6 males have experienced sexual assault or abuse, and they are significantly less likely to talk about it and get support (via

One of the first steps in solving the issue is dispelling the myth that assaults only happen to women. Justice depends on hearing from victims of all kinds and holding perpetrators accountable.

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