Internet personality Dávid Julián Dobrk (born on July 23, 1996) is of Slovak descent. Before beginning his YouTube vlog in 2015, he first achieved success on the video-sharing website Vine. He helped co-found the photography app Dispo in 2019.

With a Rolling Stone profile, David Dobrik has returned to YouTube and is once again making headlines. This is his first interview since Dom Zeglaitis, a former member of Dobrik’s well-known Vlog Squad, was accused of rape.

david dobrik controversy

After Insider’s shocking March 2021 revelation sparked widespread anger, Dobrik, 24, lost a number of sponsorships, temporarily lost YouTube ad revenue profits, and resigned from his venture capital-funded business Dispo.

After reading Insider’s article, the creator—who has more than 18 million YouTube subscribers—told Rolling Stone that he “couldn’t see how [the charges against Zeglaitis] were connected to me.”

However, even after making two apology videos, according to his April interview with Rolling Stone, Dobrik still didn’t see how the charges related to him: “Dobrik admits part of him still feels that way,” Rolling Stone’s EJ Dickson wrote.

“I had no idea the impact of the things we were producing. I couldn’t grasp it, “said Dobrik. “Therefore, I was confused when [the Insider report] was published. I’m accountable for someone’s poor judgment? I failed to grasp it. But everything was brought about by the desire to stage this concert.”

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Insider named the accuser of Zeglaitis as “Hannah,” who said she was too inebriated to consent to sex on the night of the alleged assault in November 2018.

Dobrik and other Vlog Squad members were present when Hannah and her pals visited Zeglaitis’ flat to record material for Dobrik’s channel.

Zeglaitis, also known online as “Duarte Dom,” attempted to have a “five-some” with Hannah and her pals in the ensuing YouTube video. In the footage, Hannah and the other woman can be seen entering Zeglaitis’ bedroom.

Later, Hannah revealed to Insider that she thought Dobrik had “facilitated” the alleged rape of her. Despite numerous accusers, Dobrik claimed to believe Zeglaitis.

Dobrik claimed to Rolling Stone that he would have intervened if he had known Zeglaitis—who has maintained that their sex with Hannah was extramarital—was allegedly abusing a bystander.

Dobrik described the evening to Rolling Stone in November 2018. “I knew where I went wrong, but I wasn’t in the room, so I wasn’t aware of what was going on,” he said. “Nobody among my friends was. If anyone had known what was going on, they supposedly would have kicked that f—-ing door down.”

Insider interviewees Hannah and another buddy also said that they received alcohol from Dobrik’s friends despite being underage. Hannah and her friends could also be seen standing beside Dobrik and other Vlog Squad members as they exited the flat in photos given to Insider.

On the “Frenemies” podcast, a picture of Hannah and her pals standing next to Dobrik and his pals was made public.

Hannah stated in text conversations seen by Insider in February 2019 that she felt “taken advantage of” and wished for the video to be removed from Dobrik’s channel. Dobrik withdrew the video a little more than an hour later.

According to the Rolling Stone interview, Dobrik stated that up until 2019, when a different lady came forward with distinct charges regarding Zeglaitis, he trusted Zeglaitis’ claim that the sexual actions were consensual.

“I told myself at that point, “I’m done.” I’m unable to film with him. And I didn’t do a good enough job of telling him that, nor did I do a good enough job of going back to these females and apologizing “explained Dobrik.

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Another YouTuber named Ally Hardesty publicly accused Zeglaitis of sexual assault in 2017 after she said he touched her breast under her shirt at a party.

Zeglaitis expressed regret at the time, although he claimed: that “Some” of the accusations weren’t accurate, and Dobrik wrote in his video of apology, “Proud of you Dom. Being stupid is simple. It’s difficult to own up to it. I’m glad you created this!”

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