Chris Hansen, the former host of “To Catch a Predator,” surrendered to authorities on Friday and was subsequently freed after a Michigan judge issued a warrant for his arrest for failing to appear for a scheduled court hearing.

The 61-year-old turned himself into police and was temporarily held in the Corunna, Michigan, Shiawassee County jail.

He was asked to appear in court on Thursday to defend his failure to provide the requested video of a police sting operation.

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The Associated Press said that it was expected he would demonstrate a video against three males accused of attempting to lure young girls for sex.

Hansen was invited to participate in the sting by Chris Swanson, the sheriff of Genesee County, according to NBC 25 News.

chris hansen controversy

At the press conference that followed the sting, the former “Dateline NBC” reporter confirmed his participation in the investigation on October 13 and mentioned that he spoke with a 32-year-old prison officer who was one of the individuals detained.

Despite the fact that I believe nothing will ever surprise me, Hansen added, “Here again is a lawman who is sworn to protect and whose duty it is to watch inmates in a state prison.”

It just goes to illustrate that these individuals come from all different backgrounds. According to M Live Michigan, Hansen promised to share a video recording of the interview soon.

chris hansen controversy

Hansen did supply an edited version of the video, but one of the defendants insisted on the entire thing because he believed it would contain exculpatory information, according to the AP.

Hansen’s attorney claimed that his client skipped the court session due to a misunderstanding about a subpoena.

“He didn’t mean to show up late or act like he was attempting to get around the rules. Attorney Clint Perryman told the Associated Press that the inability to attend was just the consequence of an unfortunate combination of circumstances.

According to prosecutor Scott Koerner, Hansen was eventually freed and has 14 days to submit the unedited footage. Later, Hansen posted about the arrest on Instagram, saying that “the problem is currently being settled!”

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He wrote, “A predator probe there led to the court matter in Shiawassee Co, Mi today. “Defense attorneys for alleged predator Michael Lott had asked for video from the probe. A hearing on the matter was miscommunicated about today.

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