Yung Miami, the famous American rapper, actress, and producer, has a gorgeous body. But, it looks like she has been under the knife to achieve this beauty. Take a look at how she looked before the surgery.

The trend of surgeries

BBL surgery has been the hottest trend since over a decade now. It has become very mainstream and almost all of your favorite celebs will agree to have done it. Even though it might be hard for them to accept they’ve done surgery.

Yung Miami before surgery

Yung Miami or Caresha, as her fans call her, is no exception. She has been hinting at BBL ever since back in 2019. The first hint was made when she posted a picture wearing a bikini on Instagram and a fan commented saying how her body looks all-natural and real.

To this, Caresha replied by saying “I want my body done so bad”. And it looks like she did what she was wishing for.

What surgeries did she undergo?

Yung’s after-surgery pictures have made it clear that she got a full BBl surgery. It looks like she got liposuction and a nose job as well.

She got her surgery done by Dr. Hectors Plazas Clinic based out in Columbia. He has also done surgeries for other celebrities like Ari Fletcher, Ohsoyoujade, Johanna Leia, Joseline Hernadez, and also Citygirl group mate JT.

Yung before surgery

In addition to all the plastic surgeries, Yung also considerably bleached her skin. This made her appear from your normal neighborhood chick to the diva she is today.


Yung Miami underwent a few plastic surgeries along with skin-lightening treatments resulting in her current appearance. She looks stunning but she did so even before the procedures.

She is a renowned star in her late twenties. And it is no shock that, like other celebs, she also hopped onto the trend of BBL and surgeries.

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