The 1000-lb Sisters is aired this New Year’s and all the loyal fans are excited to catch up with the lives of their favorite sisters. It looks like Tammy has had quite some changes in her life since the shooting of Season 3 ended.

By the end of Season 3, Tammy was struggling for her life. She had severe breathing issues due to her lungs collapsing. Tammy’s condition was so bad that the Slaton family feared for the worst since she had already used up all her chances to become healthy.

Tammy after her breathing problems

But, the doctors were quick to think and saved the TLC star’s life by inserting a trach tube in her neck which eased her breathing. This near-death experience was an eye-opener for Tammy and she decided to bring her life back on track.

What is Tammy up to now?

After completing the shoot of Season 3, Tammy was super busy. She decided to be healthy and, luckily enough, during summer she was able to go under the knife for her gastric bypass surgery. The operation went well but not without a few complications.

She was expected to check out of the Ohio rehab facility, where she has been staying, but the doctors insisted she stays for a longer period. They wanted to monitor her condition and make sure she follows her new diet.

Tammy Slaton

All these efforts and procedures seem to be bearing well as after a few months fans could notice Tammy’s face being visibly thinning out. Even though still with the trach, her breathing has eased a lot too.

Tammy is now a wife

In November 2022, Tammy Slaton surprised her fans by announcing that she found the man of her dreams and is now married. She revealed that she met Caleb Willingham at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Ohio. She fell in love and soon she was Mrs. Willingham.

Tammy with husband Caleb

Slaton entered a new chapter of life wearing a beautiful white dress with cap sleeves and some beading. She also held a big bouquet of sunflowers while smiling brightly with a tiara adorning her head. Her sister Amy Slaton Halterman was also present as she was the maid of honor.

What comes ahead?

In Season 4 Tammy is shown dealing with a lot more significant changes. It is being considered so given her surgery and wedding events. Her wedding was also captured by the cameras and it looks like the fans will surely have a moment witnessing her wedding. Tune in to see all about her new life.

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