Blueface vs. Kane Trujillo was a highly anticipated bout amongst fans (Neumane). On July 23, the BKFC 19 battle finally took place, and now everyone wants to know who won.

Rappers, influencers, and celebrities have all been getting together more frequently recently. Blueface’s decision to seize this opportunity was therefore not unexpected. Months after the TikTok vs. YouTube debate became viral on social media, a rapper and a TikTok celebrity engaged in a public feud.

Who Won the Blueface vs Kane Trujillo (Neumane) Fight?

In their match, Blueface prevailed against Kane (Neumane). TikTok star came out swinging and didn’t hold back when fighting rappers. So far, Blueface appeared to be winning this battle.

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After taking a few blows, the TikTok star had trouble finding a good spot to reload and take another shot. Nonetheless, Naumane ensured that he never gave up on the struggle.


After the first two rounds, it looked like the rapper was going to win for sure. When the final bell rang, it was fairly certain who would emerge victorious.

Neumane was desperately trying to land blows in the last seconds of the round. But Blueface did not provide a lot of opportunities. Even though the rapper ended up victorious, the young TikTok star showed his commitment.

Everything We Know About the Tiktok Star

Kane, who previously went by the nickname Neumane, earned a significant fan following on TikTok by performing funny sketches. The author’s new handle on the social media site is @kane. Over 2.9 million people subscribe to his channel, and his videos consistently receive millions of views.

Sometimes Kane will utilize TikTok to act out a scene from a movie or TV show. Among his most watched clips are “Me Coming Home” and “Hyping Up My Dad’s Apartment” (both about his return home after dropping out of college and his parents’ subsequent divorce, respectively).

The two even posted a video together on June 26 confirming their battle on the platform, in which Kane appeared with Blueface. Since then, the TikTok sensation has published a number of videos documenting his rehearsals.

Rapper Opens up About the Fight

The rapper told everyone that he is treating the fight between Blueface and Kane seriously, despite the fact that others may view it as a humorous affair.


The rapper revealed to TMZ that he has never ever boxed. As he put it, “I never boxed. As a member of a criminal group, all I do is get into fights.

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“I’ve only been eating grilled and baked items recently,” Blueface stated, describing the diet changes he’s made. Yes, I’m actually trying to lose weight. I haven’t been doing any of those things.

The rapper has a new song out called “TikTok.” Thousands of people have listened to the song.

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