The details of Bella Hadid’s romantic life have remained private.

The model has been reticent to discuss her personal life ever since her high-profile union with artist The Weeknd came to an end.

Fans were eager to learn more about Hadid’s new boyfriend, Marc Kalman, so when she appeared to confirm their relationship in July 2021, they did so right away.

The couple has kept their relationship’s specifics a secret, however, Hadid previously talked about some of her relationships before meeting Kalman.

The supermodel revealed how difficult it had been for her to set “boundaries” in the past, saying, “I constantly went back to men – and also women – that had abused me and that’s where the people-pleasing came in.”

The revelation was made during an appearance on Victoria’s Secret’s VS Voices podcast in January 2022. Along with treatment, meditation, and avoiding social media, she added that these practises have aided in her recovery.

Who is Supermodel Bella Hadid Dating?

Even though the model is keeping her new romance quiet, admirers are thrilled to see Hadid in love now that she is in a more positive frame of mind.

Despite his work in design and art and his collaborations with well-known musicians like Travis Scott, Kalman himself has a low-profile life.

So, which man has one of the most well-known models in the world’s heart? Marc Kalman, Bella Hadid’s boyfriend, is covered in the information provided below.

He Works in Fashion and Art

Kalman is a fashion industry employee, much like his supermodel girlfriend. His work is primarily focused on branding, album art, and merchandising design, but it is typically more behind-the-scenes than Hadid’s.

While Kalman’s official website appears to be down, Seventeen has reported that he has worked with a number of high-profile clients, including Milk Studios, MADE Fashion Week, KNG Records, and the eyewear company Smoke x Mirrors. The Japanese fashion label A Bathing Ape commissioned him to create apparel, according to E! News.

Corey Damon Black and Kalman have reportedly been partners in creating art together for years, according to a 1985 profile.

Who is Supermodel Bella Hadid Dating?

Even though they both lived in the same town as children, the two had never met before they “caught paths again, appropriately enough, during Art Basel.”

Regarding their collaboration, the magazine referred to Black as the “Artist” and Kalman as the “Art Director,” referring to Black as “a young Fabien Baron, Charles Saatchi, and Steve Jobs all wrapped into one.”

In the profile, Black also described what it’s like to work with Kalman, saying, “My impulsive behaviour is controlled by Marc.

Marc is essentially the only one I will chat with while I’m working on something. A cave is where I go. No one else’s opinions are important to me.”

He Has Collaborated with Travis Scott

According to 1985, artist Travis Scott hired Kalman and Black to create album artwork and some branding.

The creative team even worked with Scott at the SX Tumblr IRL festival in 2015, when their art pieces were on display at the location where Scott was performing.

He’s Reportedly Been Dating Hadid Since 2020

Who is Supermodel Bella Hadid Dating?

Hadid and Kalman allegedly started dating sometime in 2020, according to certain rumours.

They had been “secretly dating for a year,” according to Page Six’s July 2021 article.

A photo of the couple is also included from the publication’s reported first public sighting in July 2020 outside the Aimé Leon Dore café in New York.

He’s Made Several Appearances on Hadid’s Instagram

Hadid frequently features Kalman on her Instagram, despite the fact that they don’t discuss their relationship in public.

When Hadid first hinted at her romance, it was in July 2021. She posted a since-deleted image of the two cuddling up together with the caption, “Life-changing experience I’m happy, healthy, and well-loved.”

By sharing multiple pictures of them together and referring to Kalman as her “favourite dinner date” on Valentine’s Day, Hadid once more made romantic hints.

Regarding his personal online persona, Kalman has changed his Instagram to private. On the platform, though, Kalman and Hadid do follow one another.

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He and Hadid have collaborated outside of work

Who is Supermodel Bella Hadid Dating?

The duo has partnered with charitable organisations in addition to working in the fashion industry. During a coat drive at The Bowery Mission in New York in February 2022, Hadid and Kalman contributed their time.

Though Kalman wasn’t included in the Instagram images that Hadid shared from the outing, the Daily Mail was able to secure photos of the pair arriving at the shelter together.

He Frequently Travels with Hadid

In some of the most breathtaking places on earth, the couple has engaged in PDA.

In July 2021, not long after Kalman made his Instagram debut on Hadid’s account, pictures acquired by Page Six show the couple cuddling while on a trip to the French Riviera.

When Hadid travelled to Paris for Fashion Week in April 2022, the art director went there with her.

As they strolled the city’s streets together, Hadid released a video of her and Kalman enjoying a kiss and admiring the surroundings.

Kalman could be seen sitting next to Hadid as she savoured an ice cream cone in a carousel of images the model released from her vacation to Rome.

He Has Met Hadid’s Family

Who is Supermodel Bella Hadid Dating?

Kalman went with his girlfriend to New York City in April 2022 to celebrate Gigi Hadid’s 27th birthday. In addition to his brother Anwar, Hadid’s parents, Yolanda and Mohamed, attended the event with a star-studded lineup.

For Gigi’s birthday earlier in the day, Kalman and Hadid were also spotted bringing balloons to her apartment, according to E! News.

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