If you’re a fan of reality TV, then you’re probably familiar with Porsha Williams, a popular personality on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and star of her own show, Porsha’s Family Matters. Williams made headlines in 2019 when she gave birth to her daughter, Pilar Jhena.

However, there has been some speculation regarding the identity of her child’s father. Viewers of her shows may already know that Dennis McKinley, the ex-fiancé of Porsha Williams, was often featured throughout their relationship and co-parenting journey.

McKinley is also known as the “baby daddy” of Porsha’s daughter, and despite rumors of infidelity, he has remained a fan favorite due to his down-to-earth personality and his successful business ventures.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the question of who is the father of Porsha Williams’ baby and explore the details surrounding their relationship and co-parenting arrangement.

Who Is Porsha Williams’s Baby Daddy?

Porsha Williams's Baby Daddy

Porsha Williams’ baby daddy is Dennis McKinley. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur, known for being the owner of several companies such as The Original Hot Dog Factory and Detroit Equities. Dennis and Porsha were in a relationship and got engaged in October 2018.

They welcomed their daughter, Pilar Jhena, in March 2019. Despite some challenges in their relationship, including rumors of infidelity on Dennis’ part, they have continued to co-parent their daughter together. Dennis has made several appearances on the reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, as well as Porsha’s spin-off show, Porsha’s Family Matters.

As of my knowledge cut-off date of September 2021, there have been no significant updates on their relationship status or any new developments regarding their co-parenting arrangement.

Dennis Questions Porsha and Simon’s Relationship Timeline

Dennis Questions Porsha and Simon's Relationship Timeline

Dennis has doubts about Porsha and Simon Guobadia’s history of dating.
It’s no secret that many fans have criticized the claimed relationship chronology between Porsha and Simon Guobadia. Their brief romance has felt more like a committed partnership from the start, as many social media users have noted online. Dennis also seemed to feel the same way.

Dennis had no qualms about discussing his thoughts about Porsha and Simon’s connection with Porsha’s sister, Lauren, in the first episode of Porsha Family Matters.

Dennis tells Lauren in the episode that Porsha called him the day before she got engaged. He asserts that Porsha informed him that she had only begun dating two weeks earlier. He starts to doubt the union as a result.

“So, in just two weeks, they got engaged? Dennis enquires about Lauren. According to Lauren, Porsha did really become engaged in those two weeks. Dennis, however, continues to doubt the timeline. He continues by inquiring how long Lauren and he had been dating.

Lauren maintains that the period had barely lasted two weeks. Porsha, however, is subsequently shown informing a member of the family that they had been dating for a month prior to the proposal. Interesting!

When the focus shifts back to Dennis and Lauren talking, Dennis queries Lauren on whether Porsha’s relationship with Simon is motivated by money. He continues by saying that it appears as though she took a man from someone.

Dennis Questions Porsha and Simon's Relationship Timeline

Dennis tells Lauren, “I don’t care what the real story is, she looks like the man stealer of the century.” To be completely honest with you, “She may go into the hall of fame for that s—t.”

Whew! Dennis has never been shy in expressing his ideas, and nothing has changed in that regard.

Porsha and Simon are centered on their relationship and planned wedding despite all the commotion. Many fans still want to see Dennis and Porsha reunite, despite the fact that he once cheated on her.

Several people on social media are of the opinion that Dennis and the author might get back together in the future and that Simon and Porsha’s relationship won’t endure. Only time will tell, though.

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Porsha Williams’ baby daddy is Dennis McKinley, with whom she had a relationship and got engaged in October 2018. Despite rumors of infidelity, they welcomed their daughter in March 2019 and continue to co-parent her.

Dennis has expressed doubts about Porsha’s relationship with Simon Guobadia, questioning the timeline and suggesting that it may be motivated by money. While fans speculate about their future, Porsha and Simon are focused on their planned wedding.

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