In a heartfelt revelation on Good Morning America, Michael Strahan, former NFL star and television personality, shared the challenging journey his daughter, Isabella Strahan, is currently undertaking.

isabella strahan illness

Diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor, Isabella’s story is one of resilience, familial strength, and the unwavering support of her father and the entire Strahan family.

Early Discovery and Emergency Surgery

Isabella’s health ordeal began during her freshman year at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Initially attributing symptoms like headaches and nausea to vertigo, she eventually sought medical attention when her condition took a severe turn on October 25. Waking up in the early hours, Isabella was “throwing up blood,” prompting her family to insist on immediate medical intervention.

isabella strahan illness

Her family’s concern led her to undergo a comprehensive checkup at Cedars-Sinai, where an MRI revealed a fast-growing tumor measuring 4 centimeters – larger than a golf ball. In a courageous move, Isabella underwent emergency surgery on October 27, a day before her 19th birthday, to remove the mass.

Michael Strahan’s Emotional Response

Receiving news of Isabella’s condition before her, Michael Strahan expressed the surreal nature of the moment. “It didn’t feel real,” he said.

The father of four immediately made his way to Los Angeles, taking time off from his hosting duties on Good Morning America to be by Isabella’s side. This move underscores the priority he places on family in the face of personal adversity.

The Rarity of Medulloblastoma

Medulloblastoma, a common malignant tumor in the cerebellum, is typically diagnosed in children. Isabella, at 19, falls outside the typical age range for this type of tumor, adding an additional layer of complexity and concern. Despite its relatively common occurrence in children, Michael Strahan emphasized that Isabella’s case is considered “rare” for someone her age, adding an element of uncertainty to the family’s journey.

Treatment and Resilience

Following the emergency surgery at Cedars-Sinai, Isabella embarked on a challenging path of treatment. Several rounds of radiation and a month of rehabilitation followed, marked by both physical and emotional challenges.

isabella strahan illness

Isabella’s twin sister, Sophia, played a crucial role in her recovery, assisting her as she learned to walk again. The family celebrated a significant milestone in Isabella’s journey with the ringing of the bell, symbolizing the completion of 30 radiation sessions over six weeks.

Isabella’s positivity shines through as she anticipates the next phase of her treatment – chemotherapy at Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center in Durham, North Carolina. Her eagerness to “be one day closer to being over” reflects her determination to face the challenges head-on.

Sharing the Journey and New Perspectives

In an effort to bring awareness to medulloblastoma and offer support to those undergoing similar treatments, Isabella plans to document her journey in a YouTube series. By sharing her experiences, she aims to be a voice for others facing chemotherapy or radiation, providing a source of inspiration and solidarity.

isabella strahan illness

The family’s journey through Isabella’s illness has given both Michael and Isabella new perspectives on life. Michael Strahan acknowledged the humbling realization that strength isn’t bound by external perceptions. Isabella expressed gratitude for life’s simple pleasures, recognizing that perspective plays a crucial role in facing adversity.


Isabella Strahan’s brave battle against medulloblastoma is not just a personal struggle; it’s a narrative of resilience, family unity, and the indomitable human spirit. The Strahan family, led by Michael’s unwavering support, showcases the strength that can be found in familial bonds during times of crisis.

Isabella’s openness about her journey not only fosters understanding about medulloblastoma but also serves as an inspiration to others facing their own health challenges. As the Strahan family navigates this difficult chapter, their story becomes one of hope, courage, and the enduring power of love in the face of adversity.

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