Lora Chaffins is the beloved wife of American actor Matt Long, who gained popularity for his role in the hit Netflix sci-fi drama, Manifest.

Despite maintaining a low profile and keeping her private life away from the media spotlight, Lora has been happily married to Matt for an impressive 17 years.

Although not much is known about Lora’s background and personal details, she has stood by Matt’s side throughout his successful acting career, supporting him with unwavering love and devotion. Her dedication to their relationship speaks volumes about the strong bond they share as a couple.

Matt Long: American Actor & Star of Manifest

Let’s chat about her renowned husband before we get to Lora Chaffins. American actor Matthew Clayton Long was born in May of 1980.

Matt Long: American Actor & Star of Manifest

From 2019 until 2021, Matt starred as Ezekiel Landon on the Netflix drama series Manifest. Prior to that, he had prominent parts in the 2004–2005 television series Jack and Bobby and the 2007 films Ghost Rider and Sydney White.

He was born in Winchester, Kentucky, to a family where both parents worked in the education field. Matt’s younger brother’s name is Zach.

Western Kentucky University was where the American actor got his education. There he met Lauren, who would later become his wife. Matt joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity during his stay in college.

He graduated and then headed straight to New York to try his luck in show business. As an actor, he had a number of stage roles. In 2004, he got his big break when he was cast in the TV drama Jack and Bobby.

He got little jobs in the 2010s, but things turned around for him finally. He gained renewed fame in 2019 after being cast in the NBC drama series Manifest. In season one, he played a recurring character named Zeke Landon, and in season two, he was elevated to the regular cast.

Meet Lora Chaffins: Matt Long’s Wife

Meet Lora Chaffins: Matt Long's Wife

Let’s talk about Lora Chaffins, Matt Long’s wife. Her American birthdate is 1982 and she hails from the state of Kentucky. Lora is an American citizen who earned her degree from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.

There is hardly any background knowledge available about her family. We do know that during her tenure at Western Kentucky University, she met her future spouse. That concludes our investigation of Lora Chaffins’ background.

Matt Long & Lora Chaffins’ Marriage

Both Lora and her husband, the American actor Matt Long, seem to be happy in their marriage. They met at the University of Western Kentucky. Nonetheless, their affair dates back to their high school years. They had instant chemistry and went on to date for several years.

In 2005, they decided to get married. The wedding ceremony for Matt and Lora was small and intimate, with only their closest friends and family members in attendance.

Matt Long & Lora Chaffins' Marriage

They’ve been together for nearly twenty years without anyone knowing about their secret marriage. In Hollywood, it in itself is a monumental accomplishment.

Despite Matt’s star status as an actor, the couple is rarely seen in public. They’re known as one of Hollywood’s most private couples. Nonetheless, in 2011, she attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards show with her husband. But you won’t find any pictures of them together on their respective social media pages.

The couple has been happily married for a long time without any rumors or scandals around them. The slimmer Lora is very stunning. She’s a stunning woman with blonde hair and hazel eyes, and she’s only 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Pregnancy rumors have circulated about her before. She avoided alcohol at the party, and as a result, bad things happened. As soon as she appointed a caretaker, the rumors began spreading rapidly.

Do They Have Children Together?

Matt Long & Lora Chaffins' Marriage

Lora and Matt finally confirmed the pregnancy rumors by having their first child in 2014. Although their kid was born in 2014, they waited until 2015 to announce her name. The couple then shared the news that they will be welcoming a boy in 2020.

Matt made the announcement with an Instagram photo of his newborn son. My son was born on a Sunday afternoon,” the caption stated. Those of you who are parents would attest that having children is a life-changing experience on every level.

He said, “As we’ve emailed images of him around to relatives and friends, so many have commented on how great and encouraging it is to see a fresh tiny life right now.” This was his explanation for posting the first photo of his newborn son online. So I thought I’d share these photos in the hopes that they could bring a little light into our collective darkness.

Matt never revealed his son’s identity. Photos of his daughter have also appeared on his social media without his disclosing her identity.

What About Her Career?

Lora Chaffins’ marriage to her longtime boyfriend Matt Long propelled her to Hollywood stardom.

She frequently attends red-carpet events in Hollywood with her hubby. But, her professional background is unknown. For a living, she does what exactly? There must be more to her resume than just a college diploma.

Lora’s stunning good looks make her a natural model. The two of them complement one other quite well. Although she appears in public quite rarely, she always looks fantastic when she does.

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Lora Chaffins is the beloved wife of American actor Matt Long, known for his role in the hit Netflix series Manifest. Despite maintaining a low profile and keeping her personal life private, Lora has been happily married to Matt for 17 years. They met in college and got married in 2005, and have since welcomed two children together.

Lora’s background and career are not widely known, but she often accompanies Matt to red-carpet events in Hollywood. Their enduring relationship and privacy make them one of Hollywood’s most private and respected couples.

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