Mark Labbett is a very well-known name in the British television industry and famously known as one of the “chasers” after widespread recognition from the popular quiz show “The Chase”. He is from Tiverton, United Kingdom, and was born on August 15, 1965, and is celebrated and appreciated for his extrovert nature and formidable knowledge.

mark labbett

Labbett began his quizzing career in the early 2000s, participating in various quiz shows and competitions. However, it was his role as a chaser on “The Chase” that brought him immense fame. His sharp intellect, quick thinking, and vast general knowledge have made him one of the show’s standout performers.

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 6 inches tall, Labbett’s commanding presence adds to his intimidating persona on the show. However, behind his imposing exterior lies a warm and personable character, which has endeared him to audiences worldwide.

Mark Labbett Dating Hayley Palmer

‘The Chase’ star, Mark Labbett is recently in the headlines because of her recent dating rumors with the TV presenter, Hayley Palmer. Mark, 57, got divorced in 2020 from her wife, Katie, who is a nurse and they both share a son together. The quiz master also known as The Beast is seen hanging out with Hayley and it is pretty much clear that the two are dating and things are going on between them.

Hayley Palmer, 41, is a TV presenter and hosts a number of shows like Saturday Night With Hayley Palmer and At Home With Hayley. She is 16 years junior to Mark and though age is just a number here in this case we cannot say much as according to many sources, this huge gap was a reason for Mark’s divorce from Katie.

mark labbett and Hayley Palmer

It is believed that they both met through work and were really good friends in the start, but gradually with time they came close, and one of the sources claims that it is still the early stage of their relationship and they are going pretty smoothly. They have been friends for a very long time but now they have created a connection between them and are just following their instinct.

Mark Labbett’s Divorce

Mark Labbett was married to Katie, who he met online in 2010 and they both share a son. It was not at all an easy and smooth married life and though they were married for seven years, in 2020, both of them got divorced and peacefully parted ways. Mark is a famous television personality whereas Katie is a nurse and she was famous and in the media highlight because of Mark.

After their divorce, Mark came out in the media and shared the possible reasons for their divorce. He blamed their 27-year-old age gap which was a very big barrier in their relationship and that it created a tremendous communication gap between them and with time that ga was just growing.

mark labbett and wife, Katie

Mark shared that the whole lockdown stress was a very major reason for increasing their personal differences as they both didn’t find any common ground. He further shared that they tried their level best to save their marriage and were in an open relationship but nothing worked the way they thought and finally, decided to get divorced.

Mark Labbett also gave a very shocking yet weird reason saying they found out that they were actually second cousins and Mark and Katie’s fathers were first cousins making the couple second cousins

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