The prominent members of BTS are rumoured to be dating another girl, causing a social media frenzy. Many Westerners might not consider this to be particularly shocking or scandalous, but that’s not the case with Kpop stars. Any celebrity’s popularity could drop if they became involved in a romance.

Dating rumours began after V and the daughter of Paradise Group’s president in South Korea were seen together at a VVIP preview event for the opening of the ‘Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) 2021.

It was subsequently disclosed that V was joined by Choi Yoon Jung, the chairman of the board of “Paradise Group” and the wife of “Paradise Group” president Phillip Jeon, on that particular day.

V and chairman Choi were joined by the couple’s daughter during the party. Among the most prominent companies in South Korea, ‘Paradise Group’ is well known for its chain of luxury hotels and resorts.

The Internet then went wild with rumours that V was dating the daughter of the ‘Paradise Group’ president. In addition, some online commenters have claimed that the bracelet V often sports is actually a product line created by the daughter of the ‘Paradise Group’ president.

Internet users have been debating whether or not V has found true love, but HYBE Labels has intervened to put an end to the speculation.

Who Is Choi Yoon Jung, Daughter Joanna Chun?

Choi Yoon Jung, Daughter Joanna Chun

She is one of three children, and at age 27, she runs her own bracelet company, PeakPick. The CEOs of the Paradise Group, a hotel company in South Korea, are Jeon Philipe and Choi Yoon-Jung, and their eldest daughter is named Joanna Chun.

Hotel moguls Jeon Philipe and Choi Yoon-Jung of South Korea have a daughter named Joanna Chun. This rumour started because V is frequently seen wearing Joanna’s fancy items. Fans are also starting to make connections between works of art that the couple owned or admired.

People also claim that V secretly follows Joanna Chun and her brother on Instagram, because the two of them apparently have a lot of mutual acquaintances. It has been suggested by some that V and Joanna’s Instagram posts constitute a lovestagram.

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The V Of Bts Was Spotted with Her

Joanna was seen with Kim Tae-Hyung, better known as V, of BTS, earlier this week.

Her mother, Choi Yoon-Jung, accompanied her to the Korea International Art Fair in Seoul.

Fans started wondering if the two were dating after they were spotted out together.

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Joanna and V are dating?

Choi Yoon Jung, Daughter Joanna Chun

BTS’s management HYBE put an end to the persistent allegations that Joanna and V were an item.

They issued a statement that read, “V and President Choi Yoon Jung’s family are merely acquaintances.”

So it looks like Joanna and V are merely pals and not a dating couple.

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