Singer and television personality Janney Marn Rivera, better known by her stage name Chiquis Rivera, is American. She is Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter and a singer.

She started singing in early 2014, paying homage to her mother with the release of her first track, “Paloma Blanca.” Since March, there have been speculations that Emilio Sánchez, a celebrity photographer, and singer Chiquis Rivera are dating.

They were observed hanging out together while in the company of others, which sparked the rumours. Neither of them acknowledged or rejected their intense crushes on one another for months.

Even yet, Emilio continued to leave photographic traces that gave the impression that he and the late and legendary Diva de La Banda’s daughter were romantically involved. Emilio is a photographer, so it’s not like he doesn’t understand that a picture is worth a thousand words, even if the images and videos he posted weren’t proof that the two were BF and GF.

And now, in case the images didn’t make it plain, Emilio and Chiquis are letting the world know that they are more than buddies by their words and acts.

They both openly congratulate each other, give each other kisses that aren’t reserved for just friends, and go on trips together. Even at least one member of Chiquis’ family has given Emilio their blessing. Soon there will be more information and images.

Who Is The Boyfriend Of Chiquis Rivera?

Who Is The Boyfriend Of Chiquis Rivera?

Singer Chiquis Rivera and photographer Emilio Sánchez dating each other. They haven’t yet made their relationship official despite everything that has been said and the pictures that both parties have posted. There have been rumours of a romance between renowned photographer Emilio Sánchez and singer Chiquis Rivera since March 2021.

As soon as they were observed hanging out together in front of others, people began to gossip. 

For months, neither person expressed their feelings for the other. Emilio persisted in leaving photographic traces that suggested he was intimately involved with the Diva de La Banda’s daughter as she got older.

Even if Emilio didn’t provide any proof that the two were dating, it’s safe to conclude that the photographer is aware of the importance of the visual medium and isn’t unaware of its influence. In case the pictures didn’t make it clear, Emilio and Chiquis are currently demonstrating to the world by their actions and words that they are more than simply friends.

Emilio and Chiquis Were Seen Together Earlier This Year

The two were observed having a great time with their mates and partaking in some outdoor drinking. Is Emilio’s hand on her thigh, too? That’s how it appears to us. She doesn’t appear to object at all, and he looks fairly at ease placing his hand there.

Lorenzo Méndez Was Not Happy About Emilio and Chiquis Spending Time Together

Chiquis and Lorenzo were once married. Before, Lorenzo and Emilio were a “compas.” Although Emilio and Chiquis had not acknowledged that they were smooching, Lorenzo appeared to be certain of it when he tweeted.

Lorenzo And Chiquis Divorced After A Year Of Marriage

Lorenzo and Chiquis divorced after a year of marriage. The former couple married in a spectacular ceremony in California in June 2019, and they exuded happiness and love on their special day.

Lorenzo And Chiquis Divorced After A Year Of Marriage

Sadly, they decided to stop in 2020. Living together after being married is completely different, Lorenzo explained in an interview with El Gordo y La Flaca. “There were numerous things.

I believe there were differences, as well as insecurity, disrespect, and lies. She couldn’t fit my life into her plans. Her life plan did not include any of my particular aspirations, dreams, or objectives.”


The Sanchez family seemed to approve of Chiquis Rivera dating the popular Emilio. Romantic rumours about Chiquis Rivera, a musician, and Emilio Sánchez, a well-known photographer, have been circulating since March 2021.

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