Spencer Herron is a very known name in the whole of Cobb County, Georgia for his heinous crimes. He is a former teacher and a member of the Air National Guard Band who came to light and public attention after several cases of sexual assault were reported against him.

Spencer Herron

Spencer was a video production teacher at Kell High School, Mariette, Georgia. He kept his heinous crimes hidden all the years and no one not even his wife, Jenifer Faison knew anything about his crimes. It was his arrest in 2018 that made everyone aware of his real self and it was a huge shock for his family and also for the school’s authority.

Where Is Spencer Herron Now?

Spencer Herron was sentenced to six years of prison in the Wilcox State Prison, Abbeville, Georgia. Recently, he served his tenure of six years and was released and is currently serving 15 years of probation for his appalling sexual crimes. Spencer accepted his crime and was found guilty of sexually assaulting his 16-year-old and many other school students.

Where Is Spencer Herron Now?

Spencer’s crimes were a reminder to society that educational institutions can also be a threat to one’s security and proper verification should be done at regular intervals over the conduct of teachers. The case created a lot of awareness among the students and their parents to keep a regular check on their child’s personal life.

Spencer Herron’s Heinous Crimes

Spencer Herron was arrested in 2018 when one of his students, Rachel, 16 filed a lawsuit against him for sexually misbehaving with her. He was grooming Rachel for the past 15 years and knew almost everything about her. When the case came to light and more investigation unfolded many other stories of Spencer’s heinous crimes.

Spencer Herron's Heinous Crimes

It was revealed that Spencer had been sexually assaulting a number of his students and would unnecessarily involve his students in fake club activities. He would then proceed to the next level of his planned crimes and take his students on field trips where he used to persuade his students in getting involved sexually.

He had been doing it for many years but no one said anything against him because of the fear of being in the public eye. The victims were 15-17-year-old teenagers who couldn’t speak for themselves. But Rachel, one of the victims took a very strong step and came out in the front to unleash the crimes of her teacher, Spencer Herron.

Spencer’s Wife, Jenifer Faison

Spencer Herron’s wife, Jenifer Faison is a very famous TV producer who is known for her appearances on the shows like “Judge Judy And Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and she was totally unaware of her husband’s heinous crimes which he was carrying out through all these years.

Spencer's Wife, Jenifer Faison

They both met in their college days and soon married which was the start of their fairytale romance. They both were very happy in their personal life and Spencer kept his shady life away from the eyes of his beloved wife. His case came into a lot of attention and media coverage which ultimately affected their relationship and it was on the verge of ending.

Rachel’s Courageous Decision

Rachel’s decision of coming out in the front and filing a lawsuit against his very own teacher was a very strong step and she was praised a lot for her courageous step. She shared that she did it not for her ownself but for the other girls who were a victim but never spoke about it as they were terrified.

Rachel's Courageous Decision

It is a clear reminder that one should speak for themselves and should never allow an adult to overpower anyone just because of their authority. He empowered a lot of girls all over the world who are victims of such heinous crimes. In 2019, Spencer Herron was declared a sex offender and it was great justice to all his innocent victims.

“Betrayal: The Perfect Husband”

Many podcasts and documentaries were made on this issue but recently a Hulu miniseries, “Betrayal: The Perfect Husband” was released on July 11, 2023. The miniseries includes the interviews of Specer’s wife, Jenifer Faison, and the victims.

"Betrayal: The Perfect Husband"

The show aims at providing more information about the case and also puts light on the life of Spencer from his wife’s point of view. The show also aims at spreading awareness about the need to speak against sexual or any other kind of abuse and empowers the people especially the youth to fight for their own security and safety.

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