Samantha Humphrey, the 14-year-old teenager was found dead in the Mohawk River on February 22, 2023, after months of her disappearance. Samantha was studying at Schenectady High School and was last seen alive on November 25, 2022, after that she went missing, and a very strict search operation was going on for her by the Schenectady Police.

Samantha Humphrey

The police also tried their best to find her and used each and every clue just to reach near to her. When this news became a public matter, many residents near the Mohawk River stated that they saw a jacket floating on the Mohawk River and when the police matched it with the one Samantha was seen last wearing before her disappearance, it was clear that the jacket belonged to her and the search started more intensively.

Samantha Humphrey: Went Missing On Nov. 25

Dive teams and swimmers were called to search the whole of the Mohawk River but unfortunately, nothing was found. The police tried till the end just to find any other clue related to the 14-year teenager and each and every person related to her who met her before November 25 was contacted to know Samantha Humphrey’s whereabouts.

Samantha Humphrey: Went Missing

Samantha Humphrey’s mother Jaclyn Humphrey, revealed that Samantha had a boyfriend and that she sneaked out of the house at around 11 pm midnight on November 25. She further shared that she went out to meet her boyfriend and that he was the last person whom she met and he must be knowing what happened to Samantha or where is she.

It was a total shock for the police because, after months of searching and investigations after almost three months, Samantha Humphrey’s body was found dead in the Mohawk River on February 22, 2023. The police were not expecting this as they were still very positive that she must be alive but finding out that she is dead was a real shock even for them

Samantha Humphrey: Cause Of Death

According to the police, it is a homicide and they are further investing all the people related to her death. Samantha used to live with her paternal grandparents and a lot is being asked about her as to what was she doing on the night before her disappearance. Police have not released any further information regarding her death as they have clearly mentioned that once the autopsy will be completed then only they’ll give any information to the public.

Samantha Humphrey Cause Of Death

The doctors are also looking into the real cause of Samantha Humphrey’s’s death and according to police it is a clear homicide but they’re still working on it and going into the details not leaving even the slightest clue to reach near the person responsible for all of this.

Police have also mentioned that just because they have not arrested anyone doesn’t mean that the investigation is not going instead they are trying to be very cooperative and want to find the truth at any cost and in this whole process, they want to be true and just to the people and Samantha.

We hope and pray that the Police find out the real person responsible for all this and that Samantha finds justice. The police are searching each and every corner of Mohawk River and Schenectady just to not miss any clue regarding her missing and being found dead.

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