Chantel Jeffries’ ex-friend Alissa Violet explains why she is no longer friends with her. For those of us who are constantly online, Def Noodles has established itself as a go-to source for summaries of all the online drama.

Dennis Feitosa, who created the account, has amassed over 560k YouTube subscribers and 130k Twitter followers while contributing to the coverage of important stories.

But the days when everyone trusted Def Noodles seem to be gone after receiving criticism for erroneous reporting and a rising propensity to get defensive. Many fans of Def Noodles wonder if we are seeing Dennis fall from grace as he receives increasing criticism from internet users and discussion networks. Let’s examine Def Noodles’ (possible) demise now.

Def Noodles: Who Is He?

Beginning in 2020, Def Noodles rapidly gained popularity online. Dennis was experimenting with humor and acting prior to the epidemic. In order to get by, Dennis turned to YouTube and adopted the alias Def Noodles.

Def Noodles: Who Is He?

“I started this channel in 2018, and I was poor at the time… I built up a green screen in my kitchen because I didn’t have a place to shoot videos,” he reveals in a recent video on his YouTube account.

Dennis created reaction-style movies to various viral compilations of celebrities and pop culture events. He was renowned for donning cat ears and filming in front of a green screen backdrop of a Minecraft house.

Dennis dabbled in the world of social media influencers during the “Minecraft cat age,” creating commentary videos about well-liked social media phenomena and producers (think the likes of Emma Chamberlain and Jake Paul). In order to create the persona of Def Noodles, Dennis drew inspiration from television programs like “The Soup,” offering scathing and frequently absurd comments on key moments in pop culture.

When the channel started to gain popularity in 2019, Dennis says, “I started doing a bit where I started wearing cat ears… and put my (greenscreen) background like a Minecraft house as a joke.”

“Under this setup, my channel expanded very quickly over the following year, but I eventually left it in the summer of 2021 when I began to feel confined by the format… I desired the freedom to speak in real life.

The Def Noodles account, which Dennis described as covering “irrelevant news,” became well-known for breaking news and giving updates on influencer and celebrity controversies.

Dennis notes that when Def Noodles changed from the “Minecraft Cat” to the current version, he “continued to do what I had been doing, I continued with a green screen, still with a caustic and sardonic point of view, but this time it was me.”

Dennis’ new direction, which was characterized by his prompt receipt-gathering and frequent publishing manner, gave internet culture reporters access to useful information, solidifying his status as a significant player in the online commentary community. Dennis’s newfound power peaked in 2021, amid the James Charles grooming scandal.

Dennis prepared a list of James’s accusations, many of which the beauty influencer insists is untrue, and many of which were cited by journalists and mainstream media. However, James addressed this topic in his apologetic video, demonstrating how Def Noodles’ work had a huge impact on holding the influencer responsible.

Keemstar versus Def Noodles

Keemstar versus Def Noodles

Depending on who you ask, Dennis soon gained notoriety in the YouTube tea scene after switching from humor to commenting. Drama networks have criticized Dennis for his reporting style and for spreading untrue tales, most notably Keemstar.

The tension between Keemstar and Def Noodles following the James Charles story is explained by commentator YouTuber Paige Christie in a recent video titled, “The DISGUSTING DOWNFALL of Def Noodles (Iceberg Explained)”.

She says Keemstar used Twitter to mock Def Noodles’ mannerisms and method of disseminating news in order to falsely claim that Def Noodles was a predator using a fictitious source.

The conflict between the two founders reached a boiling point in July 2021, when Def Noodles was suspended from Twitter for a year. Dennis continued by asserting that Keemstar was responsible for the ban.

The Keemstar x Def Noodles tale, however, continued. Since then, Dennis has said that he will sue Keemstar for slander.

In a YouTube video uploaded in May of this year, he said that “Keemstar intentionally publicized false and malicious charges against me, claiming I groomed multiple young girls.” “These accusations have seriously damaged my reputation in both my personal and professional life. In order to clear my name of these unfounded claims and to make him responsible for willfully fabricating false accusations, I am now suing him.

PapGut Drama

Keemstar has criticized Def Noodles, but he is not the first artist to do so. After “debating” fellow commentary maker PapaGut in February of this year, Dennis found himself at the center of controversy.

When Dennis joined Zoom to talk about gaming streamer Kilik’s offensive remarks regarding the 15-year-old daughter of The Bee Family, Gabriela Burgos, he received criticism for the way he represented his channel and conducted the conversation.

Dennis consistently referred to himself as a “comedy channel” or “comedian” throughout the discussion as opposed to an influencer watchdog account. Most of his viewers prioritize reporting over humor, especially when it comes to holding artists responsible.

Dennis asserted that he made PapaGut famous and that “he looks like a pedophile” upon his long-awaited comeback to Twitter. When discussing the significance of supporting sexual assault survivors and their stories, Dennis also shared a photo of PapaGut sobbing. He then printed the image on a shirt and sold it as merchandise.

PapaGut responded to Dennis’ tweets in a series of Tweets and videos on his YouTube channel after being shocked by his accusations.

The truth is that, while you often exaggerate events in order to sensationalize a narrative, I’ve risked my platform to deplatform several predatory content producers (Jorobe, OfficialGemini).

It’s incredibly terrible and invalidating to true abuse and molestation survivors to attempt and deplatform someone by making bogus pedophilia charges, but it’s obvious that you don’t care about that.

Since then, a lot of online users have criticized Dennis for being immature, hypocritical, and taking matters that need to be handled seriously as a joke. A journalist for popular culture Kat Tenbarge expressed this opinion on Twitter.

She commented, “He’s now openly accusing others of being pedophiles, which is exactly what he’s suing over for occurring to him.” alluding to the dispute between Def Noodles and Keemstar.

On August 1, Dennis held a 6-hour-long Twitter Spaces discussion about the PapaGut incident. VangelinaSkov, a YouTube commentator, posted a video of her conversation with the creator.

When asked if he felt he had “gone too far” with PapaGut, Dennis replied, “I’ve explained my intentions; I was joking. Jokes are what they are: they damage people’s feelings. If you joke around too much, you will eventually go too far. What is, is what is.

There is no doubt that internet users are growing weary of Dennis’ antics as he persists and refuses to own up to his wrongdoings.

Many of his followers have begun to doubt his morality, and eventually, his reputation as an influencer, after he publicly humiliated creators like PapaGut, dismissed helpful criticism from viewers, and used “comedy” to deflect criticism.

So, the next issue is: Will Dennis be able to recover? Or has he sunk too low already?


Def Noodles is a YouTube account created by Dennis Feitosa that rose to popularity in 2020. Dennis created reaction videos to viral pop culture events and influencer dramas, often with a humorous and caustic tone.

He became well-known for breaking news and updates on controversies and was seen as a significant player in the online commentary community.

However, his reporting style and accuracy have been criticized, leading to tension with Keemstar, another YouTuber, that resulted in Def Noodles being suspended from Twitter for a year. Dennis has claimed that Keemstar slandered him and has announced plans to sue for defamation.

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