In a surprising revelation on Instagram, Ashley Park, widely known for her roles in “Emily in Paris” and the “Mean Girls” movie musical, shared the harrowing experience of her recent health battle.

The actor disclosed that she spent the first few weeks of 2024 hospitalized due to a severe illness that originated from tonsillitis and spiraled into critical septic shock. In this article, we delve into the details of Ashley Park’s health journey, her gratitude towards her support system, and the impact on her professional commitments.

The Tonsillitis-Turned-Septic Shock Ordeal

Ashley Park’s health struggles began innocuously during a vacation in December when she developed tonsillitis. What initially seemed like a common ailment took a drastic turn, escalating into critical septic shock, affecting multiple organs.

The severity of her condition led to hospitalization, where she found herself hooked up to tubes and IVs, as depicted in the photos shared on her Instagram post.

A Grateful Recovery and Support System

Despite the gravity of the situation, Ashley Park expressed gratitude for the improvement in her health, defying initial expectations. In her Instagram caption, Park thanked her husband, Paul Forman, for being an unwavering source of support.

what happened to ashley park

She acknowledged his presence through ambulances, multiple foreign hospitals, a week in the ICU, and countless medical procedures – all transpiring far from the familiarity of their home.

Ashley Park’s Appreciation for the Medical Team and Resort Staff

In her post, Ashley Park extended her thanks to the medical professionals who played a crucial role in her recovery. She expressed gratitude towards her doctors and ICU nurses for their tireless efforts.

what happened to ashley park

Additionally, Park acknowledged the team at the Joali Being resort in the Maldives, where the health crisis unfolded. Their immediate response, language translations, and vital support contributed significantly to her journey toward recovery.

Challenges and Heroes at Home

Navigating through the complexities of health crises often involves a team effort, and Park recognized her “personal team of heroes at home” who dealt with her insurance matters. The challenges extended beyond the hospital room, and Park’s acknowledgment highlighted the importance of a strong support system in overcoming such adversities.

The Uncertain Impact on Professional Commitments

Ashley Park’s recent health ordeal raises questions about its potential impact on her professional commitments. The actor, seen in various projects in 2023, including “Joy Ride,” “Only Murders in the Building” Season 3, and “Beef,” has a significant role in the ongoing production of “Emily in Paris” Season 4.

what happened to ashley park

While it remains unclear how her hospitalization might affect filming, Park’s focus on recovery suggests an optimistic outlook for her return to work.

Celebrity Support and Encouragement

The Instagram post drew an outpouring of support from Ashley Park’s colleagues and friends in the entertainment industry. Co-star Lily Collins expressed her emotions, stating how she could hardly look at the photos without tears and expressing gratitude for Park’s recovery.

Other celebrities, including Glen Powell, Sara Bareilles, Jamie Chung, Natasha Bedingfield, and Ken Jeong, joined in with words of support, showcasing the solidarity within the entertainment community.

A Message of Healing and Reassurance

As Ashley Park continued her journey of recovery, she acknowledged her absence and apologized for not being present for those in her life.

However, she reassured her followers that she was safely on the other side of the worst and was committed to healing. Her message reflects resilience, optimism, and a determination to emerge stronger from the health challenges she faced.


Ashley Park’s health journey serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of life’s twists and turns. From a seemingly routine tonsillitis diagnosis to the critical septic shock that followed, Park’s resilience and the support of her loved ones and medical professionals have been crucial in her recovery.

As she moves forward, the entertainment industry and her fans eagerly await her return, hopeful for a future filled with health, happiness, and continued success.

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