Moviegoers have grown to adore Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson’s on-screen chemistry since they co-starred in the first Creed movie.

Although Jordan and Thompson’s on-screen siblings Bianca Taylor and Adonis Creed have a sexual relationship, as evidenced by their light banter and loving admiration for one another, the two actors are more like to siblings.

When the star was announced as the director of the impending third movie, Thompson was pleased. She’s now opening up about how their relationship changed as a result of his new job and how he assisted in the growth of her character.

Any actor who has never directed a film before may find the experience stressful, especially if they are also producing and starring in it. That person’s co-stars to direct is one of the toughest challenges they must overcome.

However, there was no adverse effect on Tessa Thompson and Michael B. Jordan’s relationship, either on or off the screen, while Creed 3 was being made. Jordan can manage both jobs, according to Thompson, who spoke to THR:

Michael B. Jordan's role as director and Tessa Thompson's role in Creed 3

It’s wonderful to learn that the lead actor’s new obligations had no detrimental effects on his relationship with his co-star or the romance between Bianca and Donnie.

The two stars have established trust among themselves because they have been working on this franchise for almost seven years. It makes sense that having each other’s backs on set would be consoling for both parties.

Tessa Thompson continued to discuss her work on the Creed franchise, which was continuing with the third film, in an interview with the media after doing preparation for Creed 3.

Because of his directing responsibilities, Michael B. Jordan joined in the process, and she appreciates the creative flexibility she has:

It sounds like the former Sexiest Man Alive got along well with his coworkers throughout filming, which is a quality in a director that you have to adore.

He may have spent a lot of time preparing for his first directing gig, which might account for a large portion of this. The two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington’s work on A Journal from Jordan was one of the people I got to watch.

The Thor: Love and Thunder actress, meantime, had the opportunity to work alongside a buddy and fulfill her dream of becoming a director. In the future, hopefully, both celebrities will have more chances to operate the camera.

Michael B. Jordan's role as director and Tessa Thompson's role in Creed 3

For the upcoming Creed 3 movie, which stars Michael B. Jordan, post-production is already underway. The story’s reaction from Sylvester Stallone suggests that the film will move the franchise in a new direction, while plot details are presently being kept under wraps.

Although he won’t be playing Rocky Balboa again, the seasoned actor sent Jordan and the rest of the team their best wishes. The actor appears to be respecting the integrity of the series that Stallone created, based on Tessa Thompson’s comments.

The third installment of the Creed series, starring Jonathan Majors as Anderson Dame, Donnie’s sparring partner, and Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, and Phylicia Rashad, will hit theatres in November 23.

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