Stockton Rush and Wendy Rush’s OceanGate Expeditions embarked on an exploration mission to investigate the wreckage of the Titanic on June 18, 2023, approximately 900 nautical miles east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Stockton Rush

Among the individuals on board, the submersible during the expedition was reportedly Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate Expeditions. It has been reported that Stockton Rush, along with French submersible pilot Paul-Henry Nargeolet and British businessman Hamish Harding, are currently missing.

Despite the ongoing search for the lost submersible in the Atlantic, the CEO of the Titanic expedition had previously assured that the project was considered safe.

Stockton Rush, alongside four other crew members, was aboard the Titan submersible when contact was lost during the expedition to explore the Titanic wreck. The submersible’s disappearance has prompted a desperate search and rescue operation.

Stockton Rush

In a previous interview, Stockton Rush expressed confidence in the safety of the mission while acknowledging certain concerns. He highlighted potential risks such as overhangs, fishnets, and entanglement issues that could impede a safe return to the surface.

Emphasizing the importance of careful navigation and proper piloting techniques, Rush believed that these hazards could be mitigated. He discussed the simplicity and reliability of the technology and design utilized for underwater operations.

Who Is Wendy Rush? Wife Of Stockton Rush

Wendy Rush is the wife of Stockton Rush. Prior to being married, she went by Wendy Weil and currently works at OceanGate as the director of communications and an expedition team leader.

Wendy Rush

Director of Communications at OceanGate Inc., Wendy Rush is a graduate of Princeton University.

Wendy is a director on the board of the business’ charitable foundation. According to her LinkedIn page, she participated in three OceanGate trips to the Titanic debris during the past two years. From 2017 until October 2021, Wendy presided over the OceanGate Foundation as president. She is still a member of the executive board.

Wendy Rush’s Net Worth

According to online sources, it is believed that her net worth is around $2.25 million. The major part of her income is her salary and various perks from the company OceanGate.

The Titan, Stockton Rush’s (Wendy Rush’s husband) submarine, tragically plummeted to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in June 2023, killing him. His passing was a devastating loss, and it is impossible to estimate his wealth. He was obviously a rich guy who devoted his life to ocean exploration, nevertheless.

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