In each episode of Love Is Blind, there is at least one couple that seems like they could last (Lauren and Cameron and Alexa and Brennons if you will). Client lead recruiter Tiffany Pennywell, age 37, and Brett Brown, age 36, have appeared to be in that relationship ever since the premiere of season 4 began streaming last month.

In the pods, the two felt safe enough to share their innermost thoughts and feelings with one another. It would appear that Brett and Tiffany’s love story has proceeded without a hitch, with the exception of the time Tiffany fell asleep during Brett’s love confession.

In addition to getting to know one another physically, the couple exchanged heartfelt professions of love throughout their romantic trip to Mexico. The two have been honest with one another regarding their financial and housing situations outside of their romantic relationship.

Tiffany joked about her fiance’s refined taste by calling him “Bougie Brett,” but she didn’t seem upset by her fiance’s spending, and the couple remained in sync in the conversations about their future. Brett has made the bold proclamation, “No, I don’t think so. We’ll get through this okay.”

Tiffany And Brett's Love Story Hits A Bumpy Road On Love Is Blind: Can They Overcome It?

Some viewers, however, have begun to worry about the future of the picture-perfect couple following episode 10, in which Tiffany sobs and says the pressure of wedding planning is “too much.”

“It’s almost like I don’t want a wedding,” Tiffany tells her worried fiancé. Brett reassures Kate, telling her that her anxiety is “understandable.” But, multiple previews of the couple’s wedding day leave viewers apprehensive about their future happiness.

According to Netflix, the pair does end up at the altar, but their wedding day doesn’t go as planned. Tiffany turns toward her boyfriend while crying, and Brett shakes his head in disapproval. When he puts on his wedding tux, Brett says, “There shouldn’t be any shocks today. This must not occur.”

The candidates on Love Is Blind are notorious for erasing all references to their relationship status from their online profiles. Nonetheless, ET has done some research online to see if there are any hints about Tiffany and Brett’s future together.

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Tiffany And Brett's Love Story Hits A Bumpy Road On Love Is Blind: Can They Overcome It?

Tiffany and Brett are both following each other on Twitter, as are many of their Season 3 cast mates. Some of Tiffany’s non-co-star friends are also following Brett, and he is following them back.

Brett, who thanked his followers a month ago when he found out he would be appearing on Love Is Blind, seemed to have found the experience taxing.

Brett stated at the time, “Knowing it will finally be out there had me feeling all kinds of ways,” yet he does not normally experience anxiousness. “Nonetheless, I no longer feel fearful, only (mainly) excited! I can’t wait for everyone to watch my adventure and to relive the experience all over again.”

What is ahead for them is unknown, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for them. On April 14, you may watch the season 4 conclusion of Love Is Blind. On Sunday, April 16 at 8 p.m. ET, Netflix will air a live reunion special.


As Love Is Blind Season 4 unfolds, viewers have been rooting for Tiffany and Brett’s seemingly strong relationship. However, recent episodes have shown cracks in their wedding planning process, leaving fans apprehensive about their future.

Despite some online clues that they may still be together, the conclusion of their story remains uncertain. Fans will have to wait for the season finale and reunion special to see what unfolds for this couple.

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