Since “MILF Manor” is nearing an end, a number of relationship-related concerns have been looming. With the goal of finding love, TLC’s dating program brought MILFs and their sons together. So Pola Mochon was the person who was the happiest out of everyone.

On the show, Ryan Diggs, Shannan Diggs’ son, and Pola appeared to click. In any case, she soon became Ryan’s mother Shannan’s favorite in addition to winning Ryan’s heart. Pola and Ryan tried to get to know one another throughout the first few episodes of the show.

The chemistry between her and Ryan was apparent from the beginning. But Pola backed off as Ryan moved the situation along quickly. They rekindled their connection, though, afterward. Fans are also speculating about Pola’s decision as the finale approaches and are just around the corner. To find out Pola’s romantic situation, continue reading.

Are Pola Mochon and Ryan Jovan Still Together?

If Pola is dating Ryan after the show, it hasn’t been made known on her social media. With her social media posts, it does appear very obvious that both parties continued their relationship after the broadcast. On Friday, Pola posted a tonne of images featuring the MILF Manor cast.

In the photo, Pola is seen smiling broadly while posing with Ryan. “Easy Ways To Make Friends,” was the caption she gave the post. “Just be yourself, Be open to trying new things, Look for Opportunities to Talk to Someone, Pursue Common Interests, and Make the Effort to Stay in Touch,” she concluded with her list of advice.

Also, a few days prior, we observed Pola getting together with Kelle, Ryan, Joey, and her kids. “Feeling safe and secure is being able to balance a structure of love, boundaries, and limits,” she wrote as the caption for the picture. This suggests that Pola and Ryan may still be close.

They can be taking their time to get to know one another or they might already be moving their relationship forward. Neither of them has explicitly stated whether they are still dating as of yet. Yet it appears so if social media posts are to be believed.

Pola Mochon to Get Disappointed in Season’s Finale

At the end of the season, Kelle and Jose will become romantically involved. Recently leaked footage features Kelle sharing a belly shot with Jose. Kelle can be seen in the video shaking the bottle of liquor and spilling it over Jose’s body. As the liquid poured down his chiseled physique, she licked it.

For some reason, this bothered Pola quite a bit. She obviously does not like Kelle and does not want her son to spend time with her. In the trailer, Pola declares, “I pretended to be observing but was actually distracted.

That’s right; I was there, but I wasn’t.” Although she acknowledged that “Kelle was so much thrilled about it,” she said, “for me, it’s not fun.” It looks like the next truth-or-dare plot will generate a lot of conflicts. On Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 10/9c on TLC, the series finale of “MILF Manor” will air.

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Pola Mochon and Ryan Jovan’s current relationship status remains a mystery, but social media suggests they may still be together. As “MILF Manor” comes to an end, tensions arise as Kelle and Jose’s romance heats up, causing disappointment for Pola. The finale is set to air on March 19, 2023, on TLC.

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