Perhaps Roloff Farms will soon welcome a new resident. In a recent interview, Matt Roloff said that he and his fiancée Caryn Chandler are ready to begin building their new house, which he plans to share with his family. Continue reading to find out how far along the couple is with the construction of their dream home.

Matt Roloff Is Ready to Start ‘Digging’

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It seemed to be a blowtorch that was used to repair Matt’s excavator in a June 2022 Instagram image. In the post’s caption, he said, “Flipping the cutting edge on Track hoe bucket”. It’s time to start excavating for the new house now that the rains have stopped.

Matt Roloff Outlines the Area for His New House

About a year before announcing his plans to begin excavating for his new house, Matt posted a photo on social media showing the location where Matt and Caryn will build their new home. Stakes and rope are used by various guys on the farm to delineate the house’s exterior proportions.

Matt Roloff and Son Zach Roloff’s Feud Over Property

Matt Roloff and Zach Roloff’s stormy fight over the sale of 16 acres of the family farm, which includes the family home and barn, begin the construction of their new house.

Zach walked out from the negotiating table after declaring that his father’s discussions were “poison” in the season 23 opener because of disagreements over the sale of the property.

During the announcement of the farm’s sale, Matt remarked, “My ultimate aim was that the entire Roloff Farms property would remain in our family for centuries to come. That dream was just not intended to be kept alive at this time. “

They opted against teaming up for a prospective joint sale, he noted.

As a result of the aforementioned factors, including the fact that he had just turned 60, his “cranky old body,” and the farm’s ongoing maintenance and needs, he took the tough decision to retire.

It was a “shocking new low of cowardice and deception” that Zach described in a comment on his father’s Instagram post.

“This post is incredibly misinformed and untrue,” the author writes. The father of three stated, “My dad is influencing the narrative just before the season comes out.” Again, he’s not taking responsibility and blaming others for his own acts, just like he has done for most of his life.” Using the family crisis he produced to smear himself in the eyes of the public [sic].”

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Have Matt Roloff and Zach Roloff Repaired Their Relationship?

Zach acknowledged that he hasn’t spoken “much lately” in a teaser for an upcoming episode of Little People, Big World.

In May 2022, Matt was able to attend his grandson Jackson Roloff’s 5th birthday celebration despite the icy relationship between him and his son.

Where Does Zach Roloff Live Amid Matt Roloff Feud?

Zach and the rest of his family were forced to relocate to Battle Ground, Washington, when discussions broke down.

Zack said that he and his wife were delighted for their children to grow up in their new home. When he spoke about his split with Matt he said, “The way we got here and, like, behaviors from other people, I think, weren’t right.”

In his new house, “It’s not going to be the same upbringing I had,” he said. Even if they were raised on the farm, they wouldn’t experience the same childhood.

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