Bekah Martinez and Grayston Leonard are having a wonderful time.

The 27-year-old ex-Bachelor contestant and her 33-year-old boyfriend have announced their engagement.

To mark the occasion, Bekah posted various photographs of the couple on Instagram on July 10, including a photo in which she shows off her new heart-shaped ring.

It was all she had to say in the caption: “YES.”

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of the ABC show, in which Grayston Leonard appeared in 2018, will be familiar with the fact that this isn’t the first time he’s proposed.

The Bachelor's Bekah Martinez Has Become Engaged to Grayston Leonard

Bekah claimed to daydream about her fiancé proposing to her in a June TikTok, only to cut to a photo of her hand with an engagement ring on it.

Remembering that he proposed to me three years ago and I said no but still took pictures,” she said in the description of her Instagram post.

What Was the Reason She Initially Said No?

Is it just time and commitment? Bekah Martinez thinks so. Grayston proposed to Ruth, 3, in 2019 after the couple welcomed their first child together.

“‘This is really sweet, but now is just not the time.’ he said the day following Valentine’s Day, two weeks later. My hormones haven’t subsided much.

The post-partum period has begun for me,’ “she went on to explain in a subsequent TikTok.

The Bachelor's Bekah Martinez Has Become Engaged to Grayston Leonard

“In addition, our relationship had not improved. Our relationship had a lot to go through, and I didn’t want an engagement and marriage to be based just on the fact that we had a child.”

She went on, saying “A commitment that both of us felt we could make to each other was what I wanted. We’ll keep our conversation private.”

But with the birth of Franklin, 2, in 2020, Bekah intimated that her feelings had altered.

“We have two children together, we’ve worked through a lot in couple’s therapy, and now I’m ready to say yes,” she continued.

And she did, too!

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