A number of new issues will arise in the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. Season 19 premieres on Monday, and here’s an early glance at Gabby Windey on night one of the launch party.

“Tonight, I have the opportunity to meet the man of my dreams. There are far too many males in this world “Prior to outlining a potential roadblock to her happily ever after, she speaks these words in a confessional to herself. “There are two of us, so I hope it’s not the one that Rachel is looking for.”

A second woman has been cast to star in the new season, and her name is Rachel Recchia. Erich, one of the season’s 32 suitors, sits down with Gabby Windey for a conversation, putting any potential obstacles to the side.

“A compliment is in order. You’re glowing with confidence, “It’s all Gabby’s artificial hair, the real estate analyst, 29, informs Gabby.

Erich joins in the fun by joking about his mullet and then recounts his one-on-one time with Gabby to the cameras.

Before explaining why it didn’t change his feelings for Rachel, he boasted about their talk.

'The Bachelorette': One Man Predicts Things Are Going to Get Complicated Quickly

“There are two Bachelorettes, and they are both incredible. A lot of work is going to be involved in this. Afterward, he informed his fellow suitors: “I’m going to chat to both of them. It’ll be intriguing. What I’m going to do is that. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.”

The film plainly suggests that the season will have previously unheard-of situations, which presenter Jesse Palmer recently hinted in an interview with ET.

There isn’t a predetermined formula, he explained. “There aren’t any rules. The rest of Bachelor Nation and the home audience will see that. Things that have never been done before are about to take place.”

Rachel and Gabby will “definitely be supporting each other more so than competing,” according to Jesse, despite the fact that he wouldn’t go into specifics about how they’ll go about dating the 32 men.

“Some people essentially go into it knowing who they want to date right away and who they hope to wind up with,” Jesse said of the men who “go into it and there are some other males who truly have no idea and are trying to date simultaneously.”

“This is a brand-new presentation style. Two women on the hunt for love, two distinct people who are wonderful friends and come from diverse backgrounds, but both are so deserving of finding love, two bachelorettes “he explained.

'The Bachelorette': One Man Predicts Things Are Going to Get Complicated Quickly

As a result, “all the relationship issues that they’re going to have to deal with in order to get there is going to be extremely fascinating and unusual.”

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