In the early 2000s, Selma Blair, an actor, rose to fame in films including Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde, and The Sweetest Thing. More lately, she has emerged as the embodiment of finding strength and hope in the face of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Despite experiencing many difficult times, she is telling her tale to the globe through her documentary and most recent biography.

Blair just joined Guide Beauty as a result of her experiences dealing with her MS diagnosis.

For people with limited mobility who would normally be unable to use specialized makeup equipment to the fullest extent possible, this brand offers inclusive tools and products.

Selma Blair Spent Years Overcoming Obstacles with Her Ms. Diagnosis

Selma Blair has experienced numerous health problems over the years, and the majority of the time, neither she nor her doctors could pinpoint the exact cause of the illness.

It wasn’t until 2018 that Blair finally disclosed her MS diagnosis; Christina Applegate, a former co-star on The Sweetest Thing, has now received the same diagnosis.

Blair doesn’t deal with her diagnosis on her own. On social media, she frequently shares her challenges and offers encouragement even in her darkest hours.

In her documentary Introducing, Selma Blair, she shares many facts about her life dealing with MS and draws support from a large network of people. Her most recent book, Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up, is a memoir.

Selma Blair joined Guide Beauty after an injury with eyeliner

Selma Blair has MS, therefore she has to overcome challenges in her daily life merely to carry out tasks that other people take for granted, including putting on makeup for her face.

She had considered quitting cosmetics, and eyeliner in particular, following an eye injury brought on by a broken pencil.

Blair admitted in a Self-interview that she was no longer able to use pencils. They crumble. I had a broken pencil, but I just couldn’t see it. My cornea is then scraped by the wood. It was a whole package. Therefore, it’s like, “I’m done.

Blair initially gave in to the hardship of applying makeup, dressing, and brushing her hair. Blair did learn, however, that there are accessible cosmetics brands available.

She was particularly intrigued by Guide Beauty, a company that offers equipment and cosmetics that are easier to use for people of various physical abilities. Blair is currently the company’s chief creative officer (COO).

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The Beauty Industry Continues to Make Moves Toward Inclusion

Selma Blair Partnered Accessible Beauty Brand Injuring Eyeliner Pencil

Those who enjoy wearing cosmetics understand that everyone should have access to beauty.

Many cosmetic companies have adopted the notion that everyone should be able to feel beautiful and have pledged to produce cosmetics that are inclusive of all types, including gender, skin tone, and physical attributes.

Keisei Magazine reports that a few cosmetics businesses are making a big effort to be inclusive.

With its 40 various foundation shades, Fenty set the standard for skin tone inclusivity and has since continued to produce products that cater to all skin tones.

Another company that promotes inclusivity of abilities, Kohl Kreatives, has introduced a line of cosmetics for people who might struggle with motor skills.

Anybody who wishes to use cosmetics, regardless of gender, can get unisex beauty items that are perfect for them elsewhere thanks to the Jecca Blac brand.

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