The reality TV series 1000-Lb Sisters is back with a lot more drama. The show famously revolves around two sisters, Amy and Tammy Slaton, who navigate life while supporting each other through their respective weight-loss journeys.

The show airs on TLC and season 4 premiered on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. It looks like the show has only been gaining popularity and the sisters are now a household name.

About Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton is the older sister among the Slaton siblings. Unlike her sister, she has faced several difficulties in the past few years and also had a near-death experience.

Tammy Slaton

Tammy, luckily, got into an assisted rehab facility and has been doing considerably well since then. She has also managed to lose 115 lbs since she joined the rehab.

She even found love at the same facility and married Caleb Willingham during her stay there.

Good news for fans: Tammy’s time at the facility has been documented and her wedding is scheduled to air in the current season’s episodes.

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton

Her sister, Amy Slaton, wrote about her sister’s journey: “I’m glad Tammy is finally getting the help she needs. I just wanted the best for all my siblings.”

A Sneak Into Tammy’s Assets

Tammy Slaton, reportedly has a net worth of around $100,000. She has earned it all with her appearance on the show.

“For those docu-ensembles, especially if they’re nobodies, per episode it ranges from low-end, like $1,500 an episode, to $3,000 at the high end,” Business Insider reported. “And then after three years of success, it can go up to $7,000 to $10,000 an episode. After that, you start moving into the Kardashian level.” 

The Slaton sisters

Although Tammy has a YouTube channel as well, she earns less through it compared to her sister, Amy. Tammy has a subscriber count of 150,000 on the video-sharing platform.

On the other hand, Amy Slaton has a net worth of $250,000 which is supposed to be due to her show appearance and her active YouTube activities. Amy has more than 520,000 subscribers.


Tammy Slaton, the 1000-Lb Sisters star, has a net worth of around $100,000, courtesy of her TV appearance throughout all the seasons of the show and her YouTube career. Season 4 of the show is currently airing and there are a lot more changes in the lives of the Slaton sisters.

Tune in now to keep up with all the drama.

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