Almost four years after his controversial time on Strictly Come Dancing, Seann Walsh is back on television. On each episode of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” the comedian plays a different campmate.

An acquaintance of Walsh told The Sun’s I’m a Celeb viewer about Walsh: “Since his last reality show performance, Seann has had a very difficult time. The public enemy number one, people would shout at him and make awful comments just of one simple error he did.”

In 2018, it was revealed that the comedian was having an affair with his married Strictly partner Katya Jones, despite the fact that he was in a long-term relationship at the time.

This revelation led to the comedian seeking treatment for depression and anxiety. Rebecca Humphries, Seann’s ex-girlfriend, has gone on to publish a novel on her own sense of worth, while he has met a new partner and is expecting their first child with her.

Who Is Sean Walsh Current Partner?

Sean Walsh  girlfriend

In an Instagram Live video, Seann Walsh announced that he and his girlfriend, Grace Adderley, are expecting a child. Since then, pregnant Grace, a dance instructor, has been spotted all over west London.

While on tour in Stamford, Lincolnshire, Seann announced on the live stream, “I’m having a child.”

“So you’re gonna be a dad?” That’s troubling, his pal joked, adding, “You’re going to have a lot more worries.”

Grace gives this description of herself on the Mandy cast and crew website: “I have taught and choreographed for women as old as 70, and I have worked with kids as young as three. After working for many years and getting the chance to perform and travel, I found that choreographing and teaching were my true passions in the dance world.”

Grace has a background in the film industry, having performed in 16 films in India. She returned to Europe and performed as a dancer on a cruise ship that visited ports in Italy and France before heading to the United States to “travel the whole west coast of America as a showgirl in a circus!”

Where Went Wrong Between Seann Walsh and his ex, Rebecca Humphries?

A photo of Seann Walsh kissing Katya Jones surfaced when he was in a relationship with actress Rebecca Humphries. At the time, Katya was married to fellow dancer Neil Jones, with whom she danced on Strictly Come Dancing as a couple.

Rebecca Humphries, who was worried about Seann’s growing closeness to Katya Jones, accused him of gaslighting her. Later, Humphries joined Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk, an interview series available on Facebook Watch. 

When she questioned Seann about his friendship with Katya, he labeled her as “crazy” 

despite her claims that she recognized “something was off” about their relationship. On Rebecca’s 32nd birthday, Seann went out drinking with Katya instead and they kissed. 

The couple had no idea that photographers had caught the scene and that it was likely to make its way into the tabloids. 

After Seann had gone elsewhere to celebrate his birthday, Rebecca again confronted him about Katya, and he said, “If you saw the two of us together, you would see we’re just friends and you would be able to see what a psychopath you are.” 

Yet again, Rebecca decided to trust his word. Everything changed, though, when she saw the photos of Seann and Katya kissing and confirmed her worst suspicions. The scene, she assured Pinkett Smith, would remain etched in her memory forever. 

When he informed me about it, I had the sensation that a beam of white light had shot through my entire body like a photocopier. And I just went, ‘Oh’. And my whole face lit up with the realization that “if I was right about that, what else had I been right about?”

She said, “I say that gaslighting feels like small poison arrows and you don’t see them, because they’re so light, but what they do is inject poison into your body until the poison is just pumping around your veins and you don’t even know.” 

She recalled forgiving Seann for some drunken transgression and recounted the many times he had dismissed her suspicions and said she was misremembering. After five years of dating, Rebecca abruptly ended her relationship with her boyfriend.

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