Over the last decade, the word “cougar” has become increasingly common in pop culture. From movies like Dirty Dancing and Fifty Shades of Gray to reality TV shows such as Cougar Town and Basketball Wives, the term has spread into the public consciousness.

Hell, you might hear someone call you a cougar for texting a man five years younger.

But what exactly does this widely-used term mean?

In short, a cougar is a woman aged 40 or older who dates men half their age.

As if it is not enough of an offensive term, they also call her man-eater — a female predator who goes out looking for young male prey.

Cougar. Man-eater. Predator. Do you see the problem now?

People love to use the term as a backhanded compliment. The media sometimes celebrates older women dating younger men as liberation for women. There is nothing groundbreaking about dating. Why can’t people be normal with each other?

Society will not think twice before labeling women with derogatory nicknames, such as “bitchy” or “needy.”

No more. We should stop calling women “cougars” and respect them as equals.

The Sexist Double Standard Needs to Stop

We all know an Oscar-winning actor in his late 40s who openly dates models in their early 20s.

But does he get a one-of-a-kind, dreaded term?

No. Instead, he is a “king” or “boss”. Of course, none of those terms apply to women. Usually, when men do the same thing as women, they are just “boys being boys.”

It’s time that we change this double standard about age gaps. Let’s stop using these degrading nicknames to describe women – who are perfectly content with their life choices – with animalistic terms.

There Is Nothing Wrong with Dating Younger Men

These days women have great careers and are financially independent regardless of their marital status. They are looking for casual dating, adventure, excitement, and companionship. They want to laugh, share experiences and spend quality time with their partners. 

If you meet someone nice who wants the same thing, then go ahead and date whoever you want!

Recent research shows that both younger men and older women are looking for each other.

Last year, one survey found that almost 90% of men are interested in dating someone ten years older. Age has nothing to do with how much you like someone.

So why should women be labeled as “cougars”? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to date younger men? There is nothing wrong with dating someone younger. There is no reason to label women as “predators,” especially when they do nothing wrong.

Mature Women Are Capable Mentors

Women are intelligent human beings who are capable of making rational decisions. Just like younger men who are actively looking to get a “cougar” date!

Younger men are attracted by the mature beauty of an older woman. They love mature women because they see them as mentors who can give them trusted dating advice. Young men know that older women will give him something he hasn’t experienced yet: maturity, wisdom, experience, and kindness.

Middle-aged dating can be fun, exciting, and romantic. Mature women have something in them that makes men love them differently, sweeter and better.

So it is no surprise that some become more serious and form lifelong relationships. It can be the kind of healthy relationship that is as fulfilling as it is exciting. And you are allowed to have that!

So, if you are single and over 40, don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot find happiness with someone younger. You deserve love and you deserve to be happy!

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