Sasha Farber and Emma Slater, who were choreographers for the reality dance competition “Dancing with the Stars,” have announced their separation after four years of marriage.

The now-separated couple reportedly struggled in their marriage at the beginning of this year, according to media reports.

Many of the pair’s followers apparently noticed the problems when the ballroom couple stopped posting photos on social media.

DWTS Couple Emma Slater and Sasha Farber End Marriage

Multiple sources tell Us Weekly that Sasha and Emma decided to break their four-year marriage and have been separated for many months.

sasha and emma divorce

Emma Slater and Sasha Farber are no longer a couple. They also no longer wear wedding bands and are living alone, according to a source.

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DWTS contestants Emma and Sasha’s decision to separate was difficult, the source claimed. They are currently adjusting to life without one another. The source also said:

They really care about each other and have been together for a long time, so it has been a difficult moment.

Despite the challenges Emma and Sasha would face in their new phase, they rely on their friends for assistance.

Additionally, they will keep performing together as professionals, as they did following their initial breakup in 2004. According to the source, the separated pair is a professional couple who won’t let their personal lives interfere with DWTS.

DWTS’ Emma and Sasha’s Relationship Struggles

Emma Slater and Sasha Farber’s noticeable absence from one another’s social media profiles early this year gave rise to breakup speculations.

sasha and emma divorce

Also, Sasha was not present when Emma and her dad recently traveled to Italy. She also went by herself to Brandon Armstrong’s wedding. The pair also missed celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary, which happened in March.

Emma spoke openly about Sasha and her efforts to strike a balance between their personal and professional relationships in November 2021.

Because they completed everything jointly, the professional dancer claimed that they did an excellent job of separating work life from home life.

Why Did Emma Slater and Sasha Farber Break Up?

The breakup was first reported by Us Weekly on Wednesday, August 24. Sasha and Emma have not yet addressed the media. It is currently unknown what precipitated the couple’s separation, and sources claim that they have not yet initiated a divorce process.

However, a source with strong ties to the pair revealed to the publication that they recently broke up. They both have not been wearing their wedding rings and are each leading a single life, the insider said.

“They’ve been apart for many months now.” Emma’s most recent Instagram posts show her recent trip to Europe, where she visited Monte Carlo, Monaco, Antibes, France, and the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Meanwhile, Sasha has been busy hanging out by the pool and spending lazy days on the beach.

The Relationship Timeline of The Couple

Sasha Farber and Emma Slater began dating in 2011 but broke up in 2014. Emma then said that they were not meant to be together and that another person might make them happy separately, but she insisted that she would always be Sasha’s best friend.

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Sasha proposed to Emma in 2016, and they wed in Los Angeles in March 2018 with several of their DWTS co-stars in attendance. The lovebirds’ breakup did not last long as they got back together.

One can only hope that DWTS Emma and Sasha find true happiness in their personal relationships while continuing to be honorable employees.

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