Renée Rebecca Geyer popularly known as Renée Geyer was an Australian jazz and soul legend who was the finest artist in the Australian music industry.

Renée Geyer

She began her career as a vocalist with the jazz-blues bands Dry Red in 1970 and caught everyone’s eye. In 1973, she released her self-titled first solo album “Renée Geyer” and later released many albums including Ready to Deal(1975), Moving Along(1977), and Difficult Woman(1994).

Who was Renée Geyer?

She was born on 11 September 1953, in Melbourne, Australia. Her father, Edward Geyer was a  Hungarian-Jewish, and her mother was a Slovak Jewish. She was the youngest of three children and considered herself a problem child.

She was considered reckless by her parents and was expelled from school multiple times because of her petty stealing habits.

More about Renée Geyer

Geyer published her autobiography, Confessions of a Difficult Woman in 2000, co-written with music journalist, Ed Nimmervoll.

Geyer was very candid in her book and gave details of her life as a drug addict and how it affected her career. She also discussed her sex life very openly and made the book a huge success as people connected with the legend’s life.

Renée Geyer, shot to fame for songs like It’s A Man’s Man’s World, Heading in the Right Direction, and Say I Love You. By the end of the 1970s, Geyer had four studio albums under her belt, including the 1977 international release Moving Along. Motown’s Frank Wilson produced it and featured Ray Parker Jr. and James Jamerson.

Renée Geyer’s death

The Australian soul and Jazz singer, Renee Geyer died at 69 on 17 January 2023 in Geelong, Australia. Her label, Mushroom Group shared the news of her death and said that the singer died from complications after her hip surgery.

They also shared that the singer was suffering from inoperable cancer and died peacefully among her family and friends.

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The Label shared the news by writing – just last month, the singer sang to a full house and was looking forward to another busy year ahead – performing for her loyal fans around the country.

“Renée lived her life as she performed – on her own terms and to the fullest. Beloved and respected, she was a force of nature and a national treasure, and her passing leaves a giant void in the Australian music industry.”

Renée Geyer’s earlier health issues

Geyer also had a very bad car accident in 2010 in the inner-Melbourne neighborhood of Elwood. Her car was slammed into the optometrist’s office.

She was even diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and was seen saying that the medicines she was taking for the treatment of her car accident were a reason for her cancer and that those medicines impacted her.

Tribute to Renée Geyer

Soon after the news of Geyers’s death spread, Twitter was poured with tributes and prayers for the veteran singer, and all her fans and friends remembered her remarkable journey. Many celebrities shared their sadness through posts and praised the beautiful soul.


Singer Marcia Hines called Gaeyer “a gamechanger. A soul diva. Her sister in song,” who “possessed one of the greatest voices she has ever heard”.

Paul Grabowsky, an Australian pianist and composer expressed his heartfelt feelings and described Geyer as the “Australia’s own Queen of Soul”.

Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil who once sang with Geyer at a charity show remembered her saying “Of course, she blew the roof off. One of the very best voices the world ever had the privilege to hear,”

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