Hollywood legend Paul Newman talked about his experience grieving after losing his son before he passed away. Scott Newman, another actor, passed away in 1978 at the age of only 28 from a drug and alcohol overdose. According to Fox News, Newman described his sadness in a memoir that was released after his passing.

Stewart Stern, a screenwriter, assisted Newman in the 1980s while he started writing his book. They each spoke with dozens of Newman’s acquaintances and colleagues. In his Connecticut home, where his widow Joanne Woodward still dwells, the manuscript was just recently discovered.

Throughout the entire book, Newman fretted that Scott would feel pressured to outdo his famous father. In an excerpt from Newman’s essay that appeared in People magazine, the author said, “I kept thinking he was going through a phase of adolescent bad judgment.” I had no idea it would be fatal.

The well-known performer appeared to regret not slowing down to reassure Scott. Was there a chance that I could have let him know that he didn’t have to be like me? Newman remembered. That he could just be himself and wasn’t required to act in manly ways?

Many times, Newman wrote, “I have been on my knees and begged Scott’s forgiveness.” “I beg your pardon for that aspect of me that served as the catalyst for his demise. What would have been necessary to stop that? I may be wrong, but I don’t believe I could have become a movie star by entering the industry. I was not allowed to drink.

Paul Newman Reflects on The Passing of His Son in A Posthumous Memoir!

Scott and five daughters made up Newman’s six children. He claimed that he felt helpless and sorry about his son all the time. Being a star “throws everything out of whack for your kids,” he said.

In the memoir, Paul Newman discusses his inner demons.

The book also discusses the effects of Newman’s heavy drinking on him. He recalled, “I think I took it as far as it could go in the early 1970s before realizing I had taken it that far. “To experience the luxury, the thrill, of being out of control, and to put yourself continually in danger, is simply pleasant for someone as regulated as I am.” The actor has the kind of self-awareness that draws others to him. He acknowledged that drinking leads to awful things. I’m amazed I made it through them.

A current television series about Newman was also inspired by the memoir. For his Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward documentary, director Ethan Hawke struggled to decide which footage would be used.

Hawke is the director of the six-part documentary series The Last Movie Stars, which is available on HBO Max. The long-lasting, ostensibly blissful marriage of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward is the subject of the TV show. Hawke faced a pile of reading material.

Hawke told TV Insider, “At a certain point, you simply have to get laser-focused.” “Paul’s brother [Arthur], who is one of the most significant people in his life, is probably in a 150-page transcript.” The problem, according to Hawke, is that the plot is too expansive and that “with opening, that box is that it’s its own documentary.” It was too substantial to bring up casually.

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