When Disney-Pixar replaced Tim Allen with Chris Evans in LightYear, actress Patricia Heaton slammed the studio, asking “Why would they completely castrate” Buzz Lightyear?

It’s a huge mistake for Disney/Pixar not to cast my pal @ofctimallen Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear,” Heaton tweeted on Tuesday, referring to Tim Allen’s original role.

‘Tim IS Buzz!’ said the actress. “What possible reason could there be for sterilising such a beloved and iconic character?”

To which Heaton replied, “Ok so the current Buzz Lightyear movie is an origin story – but the reason the character became so beloved is because of what [Tim Allen] created,” he wrote in another tweet.

Isn’t there a better way to make us want to see it? It was also accompanied by the hashtag: “Stupid Hollywood Decisions.”

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have reportedly banned Pixar’s upcoming children’s film over a scene in which a gay kiss is depicted.

After complaints from LGBTQIA2S+ employees and their allies that Disney executives had censored “overtly gay affection” in their films, the same-sex kiss was restored to the film.

Patricia Heaton for casting Chris Evans instead of Tim Allen
Credits: Disney/Pixar

In response to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits teachers from discussing sexuality and transgenderism with kindergarten through third grade students, a woke mob at Pixar Animation Studios expressed outrage.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek caved to the woke mob after facing criticism from left-wing activists, and the company pledged $5 million to LGBTQ organisations in response to Florida’s anti-grooming legislation.

He also promised to set up a task force to create more LGBTQIA2S+ content for children and families.

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