The rumours that Charli D’Amelio was killed in a car accident are untrue. Here’s the backstory of the horrible death hoax that claimed the TikTok star’s life.

The death of TikTok star Charli D’Amelio has been widely reported on social media this week, leading many of her followers to believe she was killed in a vehicle accident.

The 16-year-old, however, isn’t dead, and she was never even in a car accident. Why then do people claim that she died?

The death hoax is explained here.

A YouTube channel made a death date prediction for Charli on March 12th

No, Charli D’amelio Didn’t Die In A Car Crash

The TikTok star was supposed to pass away on March 12th, according to a spooky YouTube channel called 2021 Vision, which is how the death hoax got its start.

2021 Vision, which forecasts which celebrities will pass away this year and on what specific date, first appeared in February.

The owner of the account is unknown, but the channel has posted over 50 videos with the names and death dates of famous people they predict will pass away in 2021.

Everyone started claiming that Charli D’Amelio had passed away since the YouTube channel predicted that she would pass away on Friday.

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False News Reports Mentioned that She Died in A Crash

No, Charli D’amelio Didn’t Die In A Car Crash

As the alleged death date of Charli D’Amelio, March 12th drew near, a number of false news reports regarding her passing began to circulate.

The articles were published on Channel 46 News, a joke website that enables users to produce false news reports and post them on social media.

The rumours regarding the car crash originated from their assertion that she had perished in a collision.

Then, as soon as the rumours hit social media, many people started to believe falsely that Charli was dead when she wasn’t.

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A Tiktok Video by Charli Is Deleted

Things started to get heated as the death hoax spread across social media.

Cruel comments about Charli’s passing started pouring into her most recent TikTok dancing video.

The death jokes then became so frequent that she was compelled to remove the video.

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