There has been a lot of debate regarding Andrew Wiggins’ absence from the NBA. Wiggins’ mysterious absence during the Warriors’ struggles only added fuel to the fire. The center did become hazy for a time. A malicious explanation for his absence was widely circulated as a rumor.

Mychal Johnson, Andrew’s rumored girlfriend, was allegedly having an affair, according to the gossip. The rumor mill also had it that Mychal’s children were fathered by the same best friend.

It was obvious that these rumors were false. They’ve been together since 2013, but Mychal and Andrew are still not married. Mychal has also disputed the claims and publicly called out those who have supported them.

Now, after months of lies, Shams Charania has explained where Andrew Wiggins has been all this time. The real cause is heartbreaking, but it’s not malevolent.

Wiggins Missed 22 Games to Care for His Terminally Ill Father, Mitchell Wiggins

Wiggins Missed 22 Games to Care for His Terminally Ill Father, Mitchell Wiggins

In his most recent tweet, Charania confirmed the real reason for Wiggins’ absence. The 28-year-old forward shared his plans to attend the April 4 Warriors game against the Oklahoma City Thunder with the NBA community via Twitter.

Though the Tweet doesn’t specify, on Tuesday, Wiggins will either play or sit on the bench. It’s probably safe to presume he won’t be ready to play on Tuesday. Unless he has been quietly attending sessions and the word of his return only recently circulated. That’s a rather far-fetched possibility, though.

Shams explained the context of his absence as well. He disclosed that Andrew’s dad, Mitchell Wiggins, is battling a life-threatening illness. However, there is currently no new information about Mithcell’s health status. Naturally, the Bay Area athlete couldn’t bear to be away from his father at such a difficult time.

Fake news: “Golden State’s Andrew Wiggins plans to attend Tuesday’s Warriors-Thunder game. Sources claim that since mid-February, Wiggins has been on leave because his father, Mitchell Wiggins, has been coping with a critical medical condition.

What’s Going on In Andrew Wiggins’ Family Life

What a trying moment this must have been for Wiggins and his loved ones. The rumors must have made an already difficult situation much more stressful.

Nasty stories were spreading about Mychal, Andrew’s best friend. They probably had a major impact on Andrew. It must have been difficult to understand how somebody could do such damage for faceless power.

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After months of rumors and speculation about Andrew Wiggins’ absence from the NBA, Shams Charania has finally revealed the true reason for his leave: caring for his terminally ill father, Mitchell Wiggins. The rumors were false and hurtful to Wiggins and his rumored girlfriend, Mychal Johnson.

It’s a heartbreaking situation for Wiggins and his family, but hopefully, the support of the NBA community can provide some comfort during this difficult time.

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