Micah Meggs was the brother of the famous reality TV show “Welcome to Plathville” star, Olivia Path. He was the ninth of the 10 children and was very much close to his family. Micah’s journey as an individual was very intriguing a he always up for all kinds of adventures which captivated the attention of many people out there.

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Born into the Path Family, Micah got to experience his fair share of challenges but he was very happy in his own place as he believed in being independent and which he actually was. Micah’s family was no less than a house with strict rules and regulations and his parents being strict religious believers.

Micah Meggs Died At 15

Micah Meggs, brother of the famous Olivia Path, star of the “Welcome To Pathville” died on May 4, in a bicycle accident. It was reported that the death was result of a sudden shock to the head, neck, and torso and ultimately, Micah died on the spot. He was 15 years of age and the ninth of the 10 children.

Olivia Path took to her social media on May 5 and asked her fans and known ones to give her some personal space and time as she are extremely shattered by her brother’s death. She said that it is something totally unexpected and her family needs time to heal from such a huge loss. She further said that she has received so many calls and messages and she thinks that sharing her current state on social media will be the best option for everyone can get informed.

Virginia State Police shared that a bicycle crash was reported on May 4, at 10:10 pm on Route 220. They further shared that it was an on the spot accident and further details of his death is not released keeping in mind his family’s privacy.

Micah Meggs: “Welcome to Plathville”

The Path family’s story was documented in the reality TV series named “Welcome to Plathville”, where the viewers got to see a weird plus unique family. The show clearly shed light on Path Family’s unconventional lifestyle and also showcased the tensions that exist within the family.

Who Was Micah Meggs Olivia Plath Brother Died In An Accident

Micah Meggs was an extremely adventurous person and he used love hanging out with his friends and siblings. He was always seen doing fishing, camping, trapping, trekking, and whatnot and he actually became a outdoorsman within no time. Micah loved nature and it helped him heal and he used to document his experiences and even make videos on how to stay happy and many more positive mindset videos.

Micah’s life was not an easy one as he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy caused by a Brachial Plexus. Because of this, Micah experienced physical difficulties but he was very optimistic and never let his difficulties take the front set. He continued exploring outdoors and inspired others to live each day to the fullest.


Micah Meggs, brother of Olivia Plath, is a dynamic individual who has chosen to forge his own path in life. Breaking away from the conservative constraints of his upbringing, Micah has embraced independence, adventure, and self-expression.

His journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to challenge societal norms and discover their true selves. As Micah continues to grow and evolve, his unique story will undoubtedly continue to captivate and inspire others.

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