Vicky Wright was a famous British businesswoman who came to fame and public attention in the year 2021 after getting engaged to the famous comedian and actor Bobby Davro. She was quite a private person and not much was known about her personal life except for the fact that she was in a relationship with Bobby Davro.

Vicky Wright

Prior to her relationship with Davro, Wright had built a successful career in business. She reportedly worked in the property industry and had been involved in several successful business ventures. However, details about her specific business ventures and professional accomplishments remain largely undisclosed.

Vicky Wright’s engagement to Robby Davro

Wright’s engagement to Davro was finally announced in January 202 as the two had been dating for the past 12 years. The news sparked widespread media attention within no time and there was a huge wave of curiosity about the couple’s relationship and to know more about the identity of Davro’s new fiancé.

Despite their huge age difference, the two really pulled off their relationship in the most mature way and were seen hanging out a lot together. The two were fond of each other and their love for each other was very clearly reflected in Bobby’s very media interaction. He always described Wright as an “amazing ” and loyal person.

Vicky Wright’s Social Life

Vicky Wright was not actually a very famous social media personality but she really made her own small and unique following of genuine supporters. She was often seen sharing a lot about her life on social media like just sharing glimpses of her daily life routine or uploading photos of her travels, pets, and happy moments spent with Bobby Davro.

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Wright was not actually n the public attention but her relationship with the famous comedian Bobby made her a part of the ones who were supposed to be in the public eye. She was undoubtedly a subject of interest and deep speculation after she came into a relationship with Bobby but it was very amazing how she handled everything without getting scared or irritated by all this.

Vicky Wright’s Sudden Death At 63

Vicky Wright, the fiancé of the famous comedian Bobby Davro passed away at 63 on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, The news of her death was released by her daughter Kelly on social media, and as soon as the news of her death broke out there was a huge wave of sadness on the internet,

The death was extremely devastating and fans from all around the world sent their deepest condolences to her family and prayed for her peaceful departure. People were curious to know the cause of her death but the family didn’t give any statement regarding this.

Cause Of Vicky Wright’s Death

Later, Bobby Davro shared that she was battling with cancer for a very long time and to be more specific she was suffering from pancreatic cancer. Vicky’s cancer fight was not very much in the media and very few knew about her health conditions, thus her sudden death came as a huge shock to many people.

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Vicky’s family asked her fans and everybody to pray for her soul. She was a very loving personality and it is actually a very tough time for her family and friends. Despite being the daughter of the famous footballer, Billy Wright, and fiancé Bobby Davro, she did a lot for herself in order to be known by her own name.

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