Marysol Patton, a prominent figure in the world of luxury and high society, was born into a life of opulence and privilege. While specific details about her early life may be guarded, Patton’s ascent into the realms of socialite prominence began against the backdrop of glamour and sophistication.

Marysol Patton Net Worth

With an innate flair for elegance and an unmistakable presence, Marysol Patton is not just a socialite; she is a woman of multifaceted talents. Her journey has seen her navigate the intricacies of high society, establishing herself as a tastemaker and influencer.

Marysol Patton Net Worth

Marysol Patton, the vivacious star of “The Real Housewives of Miami,” has an estimated net worth of around $15 million as of January 2024. While not the wealthiest housewife on the show, her fortune still reflects her successful career as a businesswoman and reality TV personality.

Marysol Patton Net Worth

Here’s a breakdown of how Marysol amassed her wealth:

Early Career Success:

  • The Patton Group: Before joining “RHOM,” Marysol established herself as a powerhouse in the PR world. She founded and ran The Patton Group, a successful public relations firm, which generated significant income for several years.
  • Family Estate: Marysol inherited a sizable estate from her late mother, Elsa Patton, which included valuable real estate in Miami and a collection of fine jewelry.

Reality TV Stardom:

  • “The Real Housewives of Miami”: Marysol has been a part of the show since its first season in 2011. Her salary per season, while not publicly disclosed, likely contributes significantly to her net worth.
  • Brand Endorsements & Appearances: Marysol’s bubbly personality and fashion sense have attracted various brand endorsements and event appearances, which add to her income stream.

Other Ventures:

Investments: While limited details are available, Marysol is believed to have made investments in various businesses, potentially boosting her net worth.

marysol patton net worth

Estimates of Marysol’s net worth can vary depending on sources and methodologies. Her husband, Steven McNamara, also boasts a successful career in construction, with an estimated net worth of around $6 million. This combined wealth contributes to their overall financial picture.

Marysol maintains a luxurious lifestyle in Miami, including a waterfront home and a taste for designer brands. However, she also emphasizes financial responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Marysol Patton’s Career

Marysol Patton’s career is intricately woven into the fabric of high society. While not defined by a conventional career trajectory, her role as a socialite, tastemaker, and entrepreneur has solidified her status as a key player in the world of glamour.

marysol patton net worth

Patton’s ability to navigate social circles with grace and charm has positioned her as a sought-after guest at elite events. Her attendance at high-profile gatherings has not only contributed to her personal brand but has also facilitated connections that fuel her various ventures.

In the world of business, Patton’s ventures span various sectors, including fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Whether launching her own line of luxury products or collaborating with established brands, her foray into entrepreneurship showcases a strategic approach to expanding her influence and financial portfolio.

Personal Life

Marysol Patton’s personal life reflects the same elegance and grace that define her public persona. While details about her personal life may be guarded, glimpses into her lifestyle and the circles she frequents suggest a commitment to maintaining an image of sophistication.

marysol patton net worth

Patton’s family background, often a significant aspect of the lives of socialites, remains a private affair. However, familial connections and networks within high society contribute to the intricacies of her personal life, influencing her social standing and business associations.

Recent Achievements / Upcoming Projects

In recent times, Marysol Patton has continued to solidify her standing in high society. Attendances at exclusive events, collaborations with esteemed brands, and her ongoing presence in the social spotlight demonstrate her enduring influence.

marysol patton net worth

While specific upcoming projects might not be publicly disclosed, Patton’s dynamic presence suggests that her journey as a socialite and entrepreneur is far from over. As she continues to navigate the intricate tapestry of high society, the prospect of new collaborations and ventures remains ever-present.


Marysol Patton’s journey through the worlds of luxury, high society, and entrepreneurship is a testament to her ability to seamlessly blend elegance with enterprise.

Her net worth, an amalgamation of social prominence and business ventures, underscores the depth of her influence in elite circles. As Patton continues to navigate the sophisticated landscapes of high society, her legacy remains an evolving narrative of opulence, charm, and entrepreneurial flair.

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