Lori Harvey Is Scrubbed From Michael B. Jordan’s Instagram After The Breakup

Lori Harvey Is Scrubbed From Michael B. Jordan's Instagram After The Breakup

It was precisely two weeks ago that Lori Harvey deleted all traces of their connection from her own Instagram account, and now Michael B. Jordan has done the same.

Since their breakup in early June, the 35-year-old actor appeared to have erased all of his ex’s images from his social media accounts. Since the autumn of 2021, the two had been seeing one other.

Harvey, the model’s father, revealed the breakup on his morning radio program on June 6 as part of the “Family Feud” reality series.

“As long as everyone is able to walk away in peace, remain friends, and go on, I’m fine with it.” According to him, “I haven’t heard anyone claim they shattered any windows or anything.”

The only thing that matters to me is that you don’t touch my kid.

Steve did, however, imply that the couple’s demise may have been hastened by their romance in the public glare. The “Black Panther” actor, he added, is still a passion of his life.

From what I’ve heard, he’s still a great guy, you know, from what I’ve heard.” ‘It’s over.’ They’ll be just fine, I’m confident. There are a lot of breakups in the world.

In the past, Page Six has claimed that Harvey deleted her ex’s name from her Instagram site shortly following their separation.

People reported at the time that the two were “deeply devastated,” but the insider said that they were still “in love.”

In the course of their relationship, Michael matured and was ready to commit for the long term, according to the insider. For the first time, he opened out emotionally in a love connection with her.

According to the insider, “they had amazing times together and brought out the best in one other.

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