Company Independent Director Linda Yaccarino. For NBCUniversal, LLC (“NBCUniversal”), Ms. Yaccarino has held the position of Chairman, Advertising and Client Partnerships, since 2011. Ms. Yaccarino is responsible for the overall market strategy and advertising income of NBCUniversal’s over $10 billion broadcast, cable, and digital portfolio.

Linda Yaccarino’s net worth might increase by the millions in less than a year if rumors about her conversations with Twitter about taking over as CEO after Elon Musk’s impending departure are true.

The current CEO of Twitter has announced on Twitter that she will be leaving her role in roughly six weeks to be replaced by an anonymous woman. In the meanwhile, the Tesla owner will take on a more technical and product-focused role.

He announced the change on Twitter, writing, “My role will transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops.” We all know that the next CEO of Twitter will make a lot of money, just like the CEOs before them. If Linda were to succeed Elon Musk, how much more money could she make in her new position?

Linda Yaccarino’s Net Worth Spike with New Role

Linda Yaccarino's Net Worth Spike with New Role

Linda presently receives a yearly income of $4 million. Her net worth is unknown to the public.

Compared to the stunning $30 million a year that Twitter’s former CEO, Parag Agarwal, earned in total remuneration, that is nothing.

In addition to his over $1 million in annual salary and bonus, he also received $29 million in stock compensation. Twitter also covered the cost of his $64,000 worth of security services.

If Linda is hired as Twitter’s new CEO, her salary, and thus her wealth, are certain to increase.

Is Linda Yaccarino the Next Elon Musk?

Is Linda Yaccarino the Next Elon Musk?

Linda is presently acting as the Chairman of worldwide Advertising and Partnerships, presiding over the strategic and operational bridge across the entirety of NBC Universal’s worldwide networks, properties, and business groups.

She is in charge of a 2000-person international team that strives to connect various companies with millions of television viewers.

If the rumors are accurate, her team has produced more than $100 billion in ad sales since she joined NBCU in 2011, which explains why Elon is thinking about replacing him.

Linda had expertise working with WarnerMedia’s TV operations before joining NBCU, which has allowed her to do much more in her career.

In terms of her private life, Linda is wed to Claude Peter Madrazo, and the two of them have two kids: Christian and Matthew.

Various Media Says For the past few months, Twitter has had Linda’s assistance in repairing the company’s image among advertisers.

It has been reported that NBCUniversal and Twitter have reached an agreement that will see content linked to the upcoming Paris Olympics made available on the microblogging service.

She is rumored to have professional ties to Chris Riedy, Twitter’s VP of worldwide sales and marketing, and to have long admired Elon Musk.

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Personal Life of Linda Yaccarino

Personal Life of Linda Yaccarino

Linda worked her way up the ranks at WarnerMedia’s TV operations before joining NBCU, where she gained invaluable experience. On a more personal note, Linda is married to Claude Peter Madrazo and has two sons, Christian and Matthew, with him.


Linda Yaccarino, Chairman of Advertising and Client Partnerships at NBCUniversal, currently earns $4 million per year, and her net worth is unknown. Rumors suggest she may become Twitter’s next CEO, and her salary would increase significantly, given that her predecessor earned $30 million in total remuneration, including stock compensation.

Linda has extensive experience in TV operations and has played a significant role in NBCUniversal’s ad sales success, generating over $100 billion since joining the company. She is married to Claude Peter Madrazo and has two sons, Christian and Matthew.

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