Devin Booker is well-known among all the NBA fans as well as Fashion and beauty industry fans. He is a professional basketball player for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA.

Drafted in 2015, Booker was selected by the Suns in the first round of the draft. By 2017, when he was just 20, he was the youngest player to score over 60 points in a game, finishing with 70 against the Boston Celtics. In 2019, at 22 years old, Booker became the youngest player in NBA history with consecutive 50-point games.

He is the heartthrob of many and an amazing basketball player. Booker also won a gold medal on the 2020 U.S. Olympic team in Tokyo.

Along with all his glory due to his impeccable game, Devin has been the talk of the town due to his dating life as well.

A Peek Into Devin’s Dating History

Devin Booker has had a history of officially dating three women in his 26 years of life. With all the attention and being an NBA player, Devin surely has been receiving all the girl’s attention.

Devin Booker

In his popularity period, he has been romantically linked with Jade Ramey, model Jordyn Woods, and also supermodel Kendall Jenner. He has been a topic of interest for non-NBA fans ever since he started dating the Jenner sister.

A Synopsis Of Devin-Kendall Love Story

Kendall and Jenner reportedly started dating back in April 2020. But, the rumors started circulating in June when the couple went on a road trip together to Sedona, Arizona.

But, the relationship was publicly confirmed on February 14, 2021 (Valentine’s Day) when Kendall took to Instagram to make things official.

Devin Booker and Kendall for his birthday

Since then, the couple was often seen together- hanging out, attending events, and even spending holidays and vacations together. They continued to date each other for over two years.

But, in June 2022, the duo ended the relationship after two years of dating each other. However, the two got back together on September 7 after the two were seen together attending the NBA 2023 launch.

However, they put a final end to their relationship in October 2022.

As per the sources, the cause of their split was their respective busy schedules which led to the relationship’s termination.

Devin Booker’s Dating Life Post Breakup With Kendall Jenner

Following the split up with Kendall, fans are curious to know who Devin is seeing next. As of now, Devin is not dating anyone.

Devin and Kendall when they were dating

The duo split mutually and they have since focused on their careers extensively. Booker has his eye on the NBA title, especially after the Suns acquired Kevin Durant in a trade. Kendall, on the other hand, is persistent in staying one of the best models.

However, there have been recent rumors about Kendall dating the Puerto Rican rapper and singer, Bad Bunny. There has been no confirmation from either of the celebrities over this matter, but, they were allegedly spotted kissing and also on a dinner date.

Devin Booker, however, is still focusing on his game and looking forward to winning the NBA title.


Following his spilt with supermodel Kendall Jenner, Devin hasn’t been seeing anyone else. He is still single and completely focused on his career.

Wishing the basketball star all the luck for the upcoming NBA season.

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