Kid Rock is a popular American singer, songwriter, and rapper. He is popular for the diversifying style that he keeps alternating between various genres. He is also a self-taught musician and has even supervised the entire production of all but two of his albums.

He has created several hit songs and albums. His forte is country and rock style. However, he has a knack for getting into controversies. He is often found committing lyricism in his works and in his song “We the People” there is no exception.

Kid Rock and The Controversy About His Song

Kid Rock released his song “We the people” last year on January 25, 2022.

Kid Rock

Rock’s 4-minute track exhibits elements of plagiarism as he repurposes a Christmas classic to reference Covid. He also promotes reckless behavior in the face of the virus, suggesting people board a boat and spread it along coastal regions.

Rock projects his health issues onto Gen Z by insinuating that their collective need for masks and medication is making them mentally ill. The song panders to right-wing ideals through its profanity-laced attacks on social media platforms and criticism of President Joe Biden – while repeatedly uttering “Let’s go Brandon”.

He ultimately aligns himself with MAGA supporters by comparing how they’re treated differently than Donald Trump despite performing similar actions; meanwhile urging swift action against Covid via border shutdowns.

Despite this, Rock expresses a desire for love and unity in his music. However, he contradicts himself when he claims to be colorblind yet references it in the lyric “We all bleed red, brother, listen to me.” Additionally, he uses vulgar language by inviting listeners to “suck on deez nuts.”

Kid Rock

This is not the first instance of him expressing controversial opinions in his songs – last November’s release “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” saw him criticize America as a nation of overly-sensitive individuals while comparing himself favorably with Bruce Springsteen and Brad Pitt. The video accompanying the song featured him wearing a t-shirt that read “Social Media Sucks.”

Rock, a devoted follower of Trump, was caught uttering derogatory remarks against homosexuals while on stage during his show in Tennessee last October.

In an effort to defend himself, he took to Twitter and referred to himself in the third person by stating that if anyone felt offended by Kid Rock’s usage of the word “f—t”, then there is a high probability that they belong to this category themselves.

He further assured everyone about his affection for his homosexual acquaintances and announced plans for addressing the matter with him soon.

Kid Rock and His Relationship with Controversies

Kid Rock has a kind of a strong bond with controversies. Over time, he has been caught in several controversies.

His first one dating back to February 2004, when he wore the American Flag, was a poncho in a failed attempt at depicting patriotism. He later removed it and threw it at the audience, which caused severe backlash from people.

Kid Rock

People called him out for cutting a hole in the flag and flag defacement. His Super Bowl half-time show appearance ended in a lawsuit against him.

He has made several questionable moves since then as well. Looks like he never gets enough of the controversies. He also sold pro-Trump t-shirts, refused to close the bar during the Covid-19 pandemic, and even attended Donald Trump Jr.’s rally in Michigan during the pandemic times as well.

These are only a few of the actions that have got him in trouble. However, it doesn’t seem like any amount of backlash has any effect on him.


Kid Rock, a famous singer, and rapper has a thing for controversy. He always makes questionable choices and is often on the negative end of media attention.

His song, We the People, has earned him trouble as well. Like many of his previous creations, he has ranted out in the song and made many offensive remarks. We still don’t see any amount of hate or backlash making him change his ways.

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