Catfish, a reality show on MTV, is a lot of fun to watch. It’s not easy to guess what’s going to happen, and there are a lot of unbelievable and intense episodes. There are certain constants; for example, Nev and his co-host Kamie still use the internet to investigate and track down their guests (and when Max was on the series, he was the one doing this alongside Nev).

Some couples have really stayed together after appearing on Catfish, and it’s interesting to learn about what it’s like to be a celebrity on the show even though, for many, no love connections are created and there’s too much lying going on.

Others have struggled to forge genuine connections despite their best efforts. Where are some of the most popular Catfish couples now that the show has ended? The only way to know is to investigate!

Revised by Michael Chaar on 5 November 2021: After its first airing on MTV in 2012, the show Catfish has become its own entity. Many viewers have developed attachments to couples who have successfully exited the show, but where are they now? Sadly for Ashley and Mike, they both met untimely deaths; Mike in 2013 and Ashley in 2016. The relationship between Colleen and Tony is stronger than ever; they got engaged in 2015 and welcomed a baby boy in 2017.

Fan favorites Leuh and Jeremy appear to have a romance that fizzles out rather quickly. Leuh revealed to fans in 2017 that she and Jeremy had broken up, and the insinuation that he had cheated on her was fueled by a scathing tweet she sent at him.

Ashley And Mike

Ashley And Mike 'Catfish' Couples

There was a couple who met on Catfish and appeared to have a real relationship for a while. In spite of their notoriety as the “couple that fell in love” on Catfish, Lauren, and Derek eventually broke up. But what about the other pairs?

A couple named Ashley and Mike appeared on Catfish Season 2, and they expressed a desire to continue their relationship. Apparently, Ashley Sawyer and Mike Fortunato had been corresponding for seven years before they finally met on the MTV program. Both Ashley and Mike were committed to giving their relationship a fair chance. Yet, tragedy struck both of them.

Sadly, Mike passed away in 2013 from a pulmonary embolism, thus this tale ends on a sad note. ITV reports that Ashley passed away in 2016, at the age of 23, and that the network has yet to determine the reason for her death.

Both participants in this episode of “Catfish” felt insecure about their appearances, so they exchanged phoney images to help each other feel more confident. Because of their face-to-face encounter, they were able to understand one another’s perspectives. It’s heartbreaking to consider the possibility of a genuine, loving connection between Ashley and Mike if the unfortunate events that transpired had been avoided.

Colleen And Tony

Colleen And Tony

In season 6 of Catfish, Nev and Max began investigating Colleen and Tony, who gave conflicting accounts of what happened.

Tony lied to Nev and Max about Colleen’s age, saying that she was much younger and that she needed financial assistance. As Nev explained in the show, “We find it strange that he has a different account of what happened. It’s making it difficult to determine who to trust.”

According to Us Weekly, Jeremy (who used his middle name, Tony, when corresponding with Colleen) proposed to her on this episode of Catfish.

‘Congratulations,’ Max proclaimed. In spite of being the victim of catfishing, you continue to be involved with this person. Only one other individual has had that happen to them. About 95 episodes in if you will.

In Touch Weekly reports that Colleen and Jeremy had a son and appear to be living happily ever after, based on photos from her Instagram account. In 2017, Colleen became a mother. Many people have posted messages expressing their relief at the good news.

Leuh And Justin

Leuh And Justin

In each episode of Catfish, viewers are led to believe that one of the participants is hiding their true identity by posing as someone else online and using stolen images. Season 5’s episode with Leuh and Justin revealed that Justin was completely legit.

Leuh was ready to see Justin face to face, but he was hesitant to comply. Leuh, who was from upstate New York, desired to relocate to the West Coast for higher education in order to be closer to her boyfriend, Justin. Justin was indeed who he claimed to be when the two finally met on the beach.

Marriage was apparently a major topic of conversation for the two, as Justin was quoted often by MTV News. He promised to invite Max and Nev to the wedding, and he and Leuh would “sort it all out once at the wedding.”

Unfortunately, Leuh revealed the breakup on Twitter in 2017. In a separate tweet, she clarified that he was not her boyfriend.


Catfish has been a hit reality show since 2012, with viewers invested in the outcomes of the participants’ online relationships. While some couples have successfully found love and even started families, others have faced struggles and heartbreak.

Tragically, one couple, Ashley and Mike, both passed away after appearing on the show. However, for others like Colleen and Tony, the show brought them closer together, resulting in a happy engagement and the birth of their son.

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