Joan Collins, the iconic ‘Dynasty’ actress, has graced the screens for decades, enchanting audiences with her timeless beauty and talent. In an industry where cosmetic procedures often seem as common as red carpets, Joan Collins stands out for her adamant claims of never having plastic surgery.

In this article, we delve into the assertions made by the legendary actress regarding her stance on cosmetic enhancements, her beauty regimen, and her candid opinions on Hollywood’s obsession with surgical transformations.

A Needle-Phobic Star

At the age of 90, Joan Collins proudly declares that she has never succumbed to the allure of plastic surgery.

joan collins plastic surgery

Citing a fear of needles as her primary deterrent, she revealed to The Guardian that despite the prevalence of nips and tucks in Hollywood, she has refrained from any cosmetic procedures. Instead, she attributes her age-defying skin to her mother’s advice on moisturizing and using night cream.

Early Years in London

Joan Henrietta Collins, born on May 23, 1933, in Paddington, London, began her remarkable journey in the heart of the United Kingdom.

joan collins plastic surgery

Growing up during a period of social and political upheaval, young Joan navigated the challenges of World War II alongside her younger sister, Jackie Collins, who would later become a successful novelist. Their parents, Elsa and Joseph Collins were both involved in the entertainment industry, providing a familial backdrop that would significantly shape Joan’s destiny.

Sun Avoidance and Maternal Wisdom

Collins emphasizes her commitment to preserving her youthful glow by avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. In an era when tanning trends have come and gone, she credits her radiant complexion to staying out of the sun’s harmful rays.

joan collins plastic surgery

Reflecting her mother’s skincare wisdom, she remains an advocate for proper skincare routines, suggesting that her daughters follow her lead in maintaining healthy skin.

Joan Collins Botox Admission

While Joan Collins staunchly denies extensive plastic surgery, she did admit to trying Botox in a 2012 interview with Glamour magazine.

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Acknowledging the painful experience, she expressed reservations about the procedure, pointing out the pitfalls faced by friends who had undergone Botox, such as lumps in their faces. This candid acknowledgment provides a glimpse into Collins’ mixed views on cosmetic interventions.

The Plain Woman’s Revenge

Asked about assumptions regarding potential plastic surgery, Joan humorously referenced the saying, “It’s the plain woman’s revenge.” Despite societal pressures and industry norms, Collins maintains a sense of humor about the speculation surrounding her appearance. Her quip suggests a defiance against conforming to beauty standards dictated by surgical enhancements.

Beauty Regimen and Makeup Rituals

Joan Collins attributes her ageless allure not only to avoiding surgical interventions but also to her diligent skincare routines.

joan collins plastic surgery

She emphasizes the importance of makeup in her daily regimen, stating that she has “always, always worn makeup.” This commitment to enhancing her features through makeup reflects her belief in the transformative power of cosmetics over invasive procedures.

Clashing Views with Jane Seymour

In April 2022, Joan Collins found herself at odds with fellow actress Jane Seymour, who claimed to be an anomaly in Hollywood for not having undergone plastic surgery.

joan collins plastic surgery

Collins, in response, asserted that she is another actress in Hollywood who hasn’t had any “work” done, emphasizing that there are many like her in the industry. This exchange underscores the diverse perspectives within Hollywood regarding cosmetic enhancements.

Critique of the Kardashian Family

Known for her candid opinions, Joan Collins hasn’t shied away from expressing her views on the Kardashian family’s apparent affinity for plastic surgery.

joan collins plastic surgery

In her 2021 book, ‘My Unapologetic Diaries,’ she commented on the surgical transformations within the family, particularly referencing Kris Jenner. Her remarks reflect her observations on the changing aesthetics within the entertainment industry.


Joan Collins, the ageless Hollywood icon, remains a beacon of grace and talent in an industry marked by ever-evolving beauty standards. Her unwavering stance against plastic surgery, coupled with her candid remarks about the industry’s obsession with it, provides a refreshing perspective on aging and beauty.

As Joan Collins continues to captivate audiences with her timeless allure, her journey becomes a testament to embracing natural beauty and aging gracefully amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

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