After learning that she made “$5 million less” than Leonardo DiCaprio for Don’t Look Up, Jennifer Lawrence talks about the gender pay discrepancy.

According to sources, Jennifer Lawrence made $5 million less than Leonardo DiCaprio for the movie Don’t Look Up, which has led her to vent her anger with the gender pay disparity in Hollywood.

The actors co-starred in Adam McKay’s satirical comedy, which was published in the latter half of 2021. The film centered on a pair of scientists attempting to alert the world to an impending comet that could wipe out all of humanity.

Lawrence has previously spoken up about fighting to have her name appear first in the film’s publicity, reflecting the fact that she was the first person listed on the call sheet on set.

She reportedly made $25 million (£21.6 million) for the movie compared to Leonardo DiCaprio’s $30 million (£26 million), or 83 cents to his dollar.

According to a recent interview with Vogue, Lawrence is aware that all performers with her level of notoriety and success are “overpaid,” but she also admits that the disparity is still “bothersome.”

“It makes no difference how much I do. She questioned the usual disparity: “I’m still not going to get paid as much as that guy, because of my vagina?”

Lawrence has previously encountered the gender pay gap in the entertainment sector.

She was discovered to have received significantly less money than her male co-stars for the movie American Hustle when Sony Pictures’ computers were hacked in 2014.

In other parts of the interview, which was released on Tuesday (6 September), Lawrence first revealed the name of her young son and discussed her intention to get an abortion in her twenties before having a miscarriage.

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