There is probably someone out there who looks exactly like us. And it’s not just random folks who are meeting up with doubles. So do famous people.

There is constant confusion between Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard. A lot of people think they were separated at birth since they look so much like another person.

If you’ve ever had a sense of déjà vu, it could be because of the following celebrity doubles.

1. Rihanna and Priscilla

rihanna look alike

In fact, it appears that we have not one but TWO Rihannas among us. Priscila Beatrice’s TikTok videos have made it impossible for me to believe that Rihanna does not have a twin.

The 28-year-old uploaded a video of herself mimicking Rihanna’s outfit from the British Fashion Awards in 2019, and she was remarkably accurate.

Priscila is such a dead ringer like Rihanna that the star has requested new music from her. Rihanna asked, “Where the album is #R9?” in response to the clip.

Rihanna should call Priscila if she ever needs a lookalike for a music video, to fool the paparazzi, or for any other reason.

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2. Khloé Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram followers have been quick to point out the similarities between her and Khloé Kardashian after viewing a short video clip the model released recently.

Khloé Kardashian look alike

Okay, let’s begin with the hair. Although Kardashian has, as usual, experiment with new hairstyles, the bob Teigen is currently sporting is reminiscent of the one worn by the Good American co-founder.

There is also a striking similarity between their thick brows.

One user said, “You look like stunning Khloé Kardashian,” while another user said, “You look more like Khloe than Khloe.” Both comments can be found below the most current video. [sic]’ “Khloe, are you there?” Try something else.

The opinions of Kardashian and Teigen are puzzling to us.

3. Taylor Swift and Ashley Leechin

taylor swift look alike

The platform has seen users become famous for everything from dancing and singing to comedy and activism. It’s possible that Ashley Leechin, better known by her TikTok handle @traumarn13, is the first individual to gain fame solely on the basis of their resemblance to Taylor Swift.

The Nashville TikToker, who calls herself a mother, wife, RN, and fan of Grey’s Anatomy, is uncannily similar to T Swift in appearance. It’s eerily similar, in all seriousness. Since the artist also resides in Nashville, she recorded a TikTok about the difficulty of being “known” in public.

Really, she even has Taylor’s hairstyle down to a tee. They seem so similar, it’s uncanny.

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4. Kim Kardashian and Chaney Jones

kim kardashian look alike

While Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may be working on their marriage, the rapper has been spotted with another woman who resembles his ex-wife: model Chaney Jones.

There’s no denying the social media celebrity is a lookalike of the former “Keeping Up with the Kardashians

5. Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence

bella hadid look alike

Jennifer Lawrence could have a hidden Hadid ancestry!

6. Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale

selena gomez look alike

Previously, the “Pretty Little Liars” star revealed that, as a child, she frequently had fans mistake her for the singer and that she often went along with the misunderstandings.

According to Hale’s interview with Insider, “when I was younger, it was a lot of Selena Gomez, during her ‘Wizards of Waverly Place days.” “I’m the kind to set people straight, but there was this one time at the airport when an elderly woman approached me and asked, “Can I get a picture with you?” Initially, I assumed that she was confusing me with Lucy.”

“After that, she began praising my work as if I were Selena, and I soon understood she had made a mistake. And I didn’t want to dash her hopes, so I went along with it “After that, she went on.

In addition, Hale mentioned that she, Sarah Hyland, and Maisie Williams are all part of a sisterhood of Hollywood women who share certain energy.

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7. Ed Sheeran & Prince Harry

prince harry look alike

After being asked if he was the genuine royal or pop sensation Sheeran, Prince Harry left a group of schoolgirls in fits of giggles. In 2017, on Commonwealth Day, as he passed a line of roughly 70 students waving flags, Prince Harry stopped to chat with 12-year-old Tiya Thornton, who informed him that he looked like fellow redhead Sheeran. Inquiring minds want to know, “Are you the actual Prince Harry?” Tiya inquired of the prince, and he said, “Yes, the other one is Ed Sheeran.”

In a public service announcement for World Mental Health Day filmed in 2019, the dudes discussed their shared ginger heritage.

8. Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley

Natalie Portman look alike

No matter how you style their hair, Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman seem quite similar.

The resemblance between Portman and Knightley is so striking that the latter portrayed Sabé, Portman’s duplicate, in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.”

9. Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

At first, it made the “New Girl” star angry that her admirers often mixed her up with another character.

katy perry look alike

“It’s a little bit aggravating, to be absolutely candid,” Deschanel told MTV in 2009. “The only thing we have in common is a superficial resemblance,” he said.

Now, it seems like the actress is starting to embrace the parallels.

Telling Letterman in November 2012, “I was relieved because everyone kept saying ‘this girl looks so much like you,'” she explained her reaction. “I was relieved to find out that she was attractive when I finally met her. When I first saw her, I was concerned that she would be an unattractive person.”

10. Shakira and Rebecca Maiellano

shakira look alike

The answer is simple: more Shakira’s! Count ’em, there are two! If it weren’t for the fact that Rebecca Maiellano has a different name and bio on social media, we would be deceived into thinking she is the actual Hips Don’t Lie vocalist because of how similar their appearances are.

As far as we can tell, Rebecca is a Venezuelan singer-songwriter who calls herself “Shakira’s worldwide double” and presently performs for her show Shakibecca Live. Shakibecca could easily fool anyone, even Gerard Piqué, despite Shakira’s unique singing style.

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