Sarah Isgur, a former political strategist, and spokesperson, has traversed the complex terrain of American politics and media. With her involvement in prominent political campaigns and subsequent transition into the media industry, Isgur has attracted attention and raised eyebrows along the way.

Sarah Isgur

Is Sarah Isgur Pregnant?

Political analyst and attorney Sarah Isgur, from the United States, is the subject of pregnancy rumors. She recently tweeted something that some people took to be a signal that she could be pregnant.

This hasn’t been verified, though. It would be her second kid if she is actually expecting because she already has a son from a previous marriage. According to her Twitter, Sarah Isgur was pregnant in 2021. She gave birth to a son in 2020. She has not made any public announcements about her current pregnancy status.

A Political Path

Sarah Isgur’s journey in the realm of politics began with her involvement in Republican campaigns. She gained recognition as the deputy campaign manager for Carly Fiorina’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Sarah Isgur in Department of Justice

Isgur’s political acumen and dedication to conservative principles propelled her into positions of influence, including a role at the Department of Justice during the Trump administration.

Department of Justice Role

During her tenure at the Department of Justice, Isgur served as the Deputy Chief of Staff and Principal Deputy Director of Public Affairs. Her responsibilities involved managing communications and messaging on behalf of the department.

This position exposed her to the inner workings of a highly scrutinized institution, contributing to her understanding of public relations and media dynamics.

The CNN Controversy

In February 2019, Sarah Isgur made a surprising transition into the media landscape, accepting a role as a political editor at CNN. This move generated controversy and raised concerns about journalistic integrity due to Isgur’s partisan background. Critics argued that her lack of prior journalistic experience and perceived bias could compromise the network’s commitment to impartiality.

Sarah Isgur

CNN defended its decision, stating that Isgur’s role would focus on coordination, planning, and policy coverage rather than actual news reporting. Nevertheless, the hiring decision sparked heated discussions about the media’s responsibility to maintain objectivity and the potential blurring of lines between journalism and political advocacy.


Although many individuals may have concluded that Sarah Isgur is pregnant but turns out she is currently not pregnant as there is no official word from her side.

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